A MALVERN couple had their newly-built house featured in Channel 4 TV's Grand Designs last week.

Few people would be brave or foolish enough to buy a building plot for their family home without visiting it first, but that’s exactly what ex-RAF pilot Jon and GP Gill Flewers did.

Returning to the UK after a four-year stint in New Zealand, this intrepid pair want to build a Kiwi-style hill house on the slopes of the Malvern Hills.

Their ambitious three-storey upside-down wood and stone clad home, clinging to the hill, was designed to take advantage of and enhance the surrounding scenery.

The programme showed the problems that the Flewers encountered in the course of turning their dreams into reality over more than two years before the house was finished earlier this year.

Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud described the finished house as one that "commands the landscape"

He said: "Emerging from behind an old oak tree, what looks like a wooden cliff seems to have pushed its way out of the hill."