THERE was plenty of cracking the whip when youngsters took part in a Wild West workshop.

Members of WODYS - Worcester Operatic and Dramatic Society Youth Section - had a fun time at a cowboy skills session, learning gun spinning, lasso twirling and roping, and whip cracking with Cowboy Jack.

The cowboy is otherwise known as John Parnell, the Hoopguy who reached the live semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

He gave 60 members of WODYS a taste of the cowboy skills they might need when they take part in their next show - Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

Using safety glasses and with careful instruction by Cowboy Jack the youngsters, aged eight to 18,  had a whip crack-away time trying to get the whip to move faster enough to create a small sonic boom - the cracking sound.

They also learned how to make and twirl a lasso - finding it a lot more difficult than it appeared for trick rope artist Cowboy Jack.

Gun spinning was also tricky as the youngsters were amazed at how heavy the guns were.

However, at the end of the workshop the youngsters agreed that their new-found knowledge would help them with Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and the session had been a whole lot of fun.

The show will be on at the Worcester’s Swan Theatre from Tuesday, July 31 to Saturday, August 4, 2018.