AN array of hedgehogs have been saved thanks to a quick-thinking councillor.

Following complaints to the city council about fly tipping in an alleyway behind Drake Avenue, known as Drake Place, in Dines Green, Fortis Living put up a fence to try and curb the issue.

But residents raised concerns that hedgehogs living near the site were now blocked from accessing their food supply.

Worcestershire County Councillor Richard Udall, ward member for St Johns, contacted Fortis Living and it agreed to install an archway in the fencing to allow the animals to run free.

Cllr Udall said: "Wildlife is important to local people and we should do all we can to give hedgehogs a helping hand and not to disturb their natural habitat. The fence was needed, but the hedgehogs also have needs.

"I am pleased that Dines Green hedgehogs can once again run free, the local area is rich in wildlife and we have nature reserves close by.

"I am so pleased people contacted me about the problem, with just a little imagination and a little bit of work we can help both prevent fly tipping and help the hedgehogs."

Clare Jackson, executive director of housing, care and communities at Fortis Living, said: "In response to City Council and councillor enquiries and concerns about ongoing fly tipping in the alleyway behind Drake Avenue we took positive action to tackle the problem.

"We did an initial clear up of the area but as it is an ongoing issue we were asked to look at what we could do to put together a more permanent solution. This resulted in a fence being put up in October to stop flytippers getting to the alley.

"Cllr Udall contacted us to let us know about the difficulties the fence was causing for the local hedgehog population.

"To combat the problem we added a hedgehog arch to the fence and dug out an access route to allow them to get to their food."

The archway was installed on Wednesday, November 8.