MUCH has been said about Germany’s World Cup victory being years in the making.

The result of a system put in place a decade ago that addressed football at all levels in the country to ensure success for the national team.

What the Germans initiated after their early Euro 2004 exit reaped its reward in last Sunday’s final against Argentina and is likely to lead to further triumphs in years to come. England should take note but, of course, we won’t. I can almost guarantee that.

That’s because everyone with an interest in the English national team has been having the same conversation every two years for what seems like eternity.

Upon every tournament exit, World Cup or Euros, we hear that England must do this, that and the other to improve.

But nothing ever changes.

As soon as a new season begins, it all gets forgotten about until the next international competition rolls around.

In Germany, the governing body worked with the Bundesliga for the betterment of players. In this country, the Football Association and Premier League are often at loggerheads.

The FA don’t have the power to challenge the Premier League over helping develop English talent and the latter seem to have no interest in doing so.

Rather than try to rectify that impasse, FA chief suit Greg Dyke instead formed a commission whose best idea so far has been to suggest taking an axe to the English league structure to crowbar a ‘B’ team league in above the Conference.

Until those two organisations sing from the same hymn sheet, England cannot hope to make meaningful progress.