KEEPING fans happy is something most sports clubs aspire to.

It seems that no matter what they do, or changes they make, not everyone will be in favour.

Worcester Warriors have been in that exact situation for several seasons over the scheduling of home matches.

Friday night fixtures versus Saturday afternoons is a debate that has reared its head most seasons.

It is a balancing act for the Sixways club – the post-working week night out under the lights on one side, families and children on the other.

This year it seems Warriors have come down firmly on the side of the families after announcing just two Championship games at Sixways on Fridays, both in November.

Although there are two others on Fridays, the Ospreys and Exeter fixtures next month are pre-season warm-ups and of no competitive significance whatsoever.

It is also unlikely that the television companies will come knocking as much as they did when Dean Ryan’s side were in the Premiership, limiting the amount of switches.

Therefore, the vast majority of home league and cup games are on Saturdays with a 3pm kick-off.

I personally like the Friday night atmosphere but can understand why Warriors have opted for the Saturday market.

It is clear they feel this is when most people will attend and poor crowds is not something they can afford after last season.

By cutting back on the number of Friday night matches – there were five in all competitions last season – Warriors may also be hoping to appeal to a young audience.

While it would be a cheap shot to suggest many children won’t remember some of the recent campaigns older fans have had to endure, they are the fans of the future.

Ryan is building what looks to be an exciting, youthful squad and, barring a total disaster, should be a largely winning one.

That should keep the fans happy too.