WORCESTER gained a 30-shot 79-49 victory when they visited Chester Road after winning three of the four triples.

Picking up a six, four and two threess by the fifth end gave the visitors a lead of 21.

By the ninth end Worcester increased their advantage to 34 after scoring a four and three threes.

During the second period Chester Road picked up a six but the visitors replied with a five to maintain a comfortable advantage.

Taking the honours for Worcester was John Tarlington’s triple who after scoring a six, five and several threes ran out winners by 21 shots.

Worcester enjoyed second victory when they retuned from St Martin’s Hereford with a 43-shot 125-82 success.

After five ends Worcester held a two-shot advantage after picking up a six and four although the hosts replied with a five.

Following nine ends the visitors increased their lead to six and then scored a five, four and five threes to take their advantage to 36 after 15.

Worcester increased their lead to 43, winning four of the six triples.

Their victories came from Nathan Bannister’s trio who won by 17 and only conceded shots on five ends.

After picking up a six and five Andy Cook’s triple won by the same margin.

Trailing at nine ends Arthur Jackson’s trio then scored on all the remaining nine to triumph by 14.

After a slow start Ron Ling’s triple then picked up a six and four to run out winners by 12 shots.

Worcester previously lost on their visit to city rivals Community when the home side recorded a 34-shot 76-42 victory.

Community took an early lead and at the halfway stage led by 12 after picking up two fours.

Over the following five ends Worcester conceded 23 shots including a six when all four home triples scored on three successive ends to take a commanding lead.

Taking the honours for Community was the triple led by Barry Monk who only failed to score on four ends and ran out winners by 25 shots.