WORCESTER'S masters crew set a new course record at the tough Boston Rowing Marathon.

The gruelling 49.2-kilometre challenge along the River Witham in Lincolnshire is designed to test the mettle of all who enter.

But the Worcester masters E double scull of Keith Hiley and Adrian Carter, who spent four months training for the event, won their section by more than 30 minutes.

They set a new course record for their category by completing the course in four hours four minutes.

Worcester's junior 16 double scull of Tommy Fouweather and Sam Hunt won their category with the junior 18 quadruple scull gaining a creditable second place.

Club juniors coach Jas Hales said: "It was inspiring to see Worcester members competing and completing this huge challenge with junior and master athletes alongside each other and encouraging all the way.

"To achieve two wins, a new course record and a J18 quad in second place was just awesome."

Worcester rowers also had the pleasure of competing alongside past Olympian James Cracknell.

Club captain Anne Singleton said: "Their bravery for taking on such a difficult challenge is an inspiration to the rest of the club.

"They knew what they were attempting was scary, difficult and at points dangerous but they did it anyway as the possibility of winning was worth the chance of losing."

Upon their return to Worcester, Hiley and Carter received a huge amount of applause and congratulations from club members for their record-setting row.

They continue their training for Worcester's own head of the river race on Saturday from 11.30am.

Spectators from the city are welcome to come along to watch the 4,500-metre downstream race which sets off from the Camp Inn, Grimley.