WORCESTERSHIRE Virtue Empire delivered an impressive performance at British Dodgeball’s first tournament.

Virtue had a tough group stage qualifier, losing hard-fought matches to East Anglian Vikings and London Storm’s first team.

A tie against Manchester Worker Bees saw Virtue collect enough points to qualify for the Plate Cup.

In the quarter-finals, Virtue defeated Worker Bees in a rematch 8-6, advancing to the semis.

They were one player away from finishing with a tie against Leicester Minotaurs’ seconds in an evenly-matched battle.

“Minotaurs took the victory by just one player advantage,” said Brian Williams, founder and head coach of Virtue.

“If we had one extra player on the court, it would have gone into sudden death where we would have had the opportunity to play in the Plate Cup final.”

Virtue are set to make their debut in British Men’s Division Two this month.