BROMSGROVE Sporting chairman Mike Burke vowed to ban those responsible for violence or smoke bombs during the Boxing Day clash with Worcester City.

As the host club, City could be landed in hot water if match referee Liam Corbett deems any of the incidents worthy of including in his report.

"If there is evidence against individuals regarding violence or using smoke bombs, we will look at banning them from the ground for the foreseeable future," said Burke.

"There was a bit of celebration and the opposing (Sporting) fans were miffed about conceding a goal, there was a skirmish. What tends to happen is other fans pull them away from one another and tell them to grow up.

"Stewards went in and sorted it our very quickly but a lot of our real fans don't want to see it happen so act and identify them straight away.

"There were more than 1,600 people there with half a dozen who took it a bit too personally when the goal went in.

"When you get a group of rival fans it is going to happen but overall, most people behaved themselves and left the ground in a calm, nice way.

"You get some tourists who perhaps don't treat it with the same respect as 99.9 per cent of fans do. Our fans would not tolerate any risk to the reputation of our club.

"I have asked a couple of Bromsgrove stewards who were in the crowd to come forward and meet with the safety officer to see what their feelings are.

"The danger is we end up pointing out bad things from a small minority of people who have too much drink and forget the well-natured atmosphere we enjoy at non-league level.

"True fans are well behaved and respect the fact we are a family club."

Burke was in the Shed End during the second half of Tuesday's 3-3 draw at the Victoria Ground and insisted supporters had worked together to quickly extinguish any pyrotechnics.

"I witnessed the incident where a smoke bomb went off. It was passed hand to hand until it got to a steward who quietly put it out," added Burke.

On claims Bromsgrove fans had been throwing alcoholic drinks and plastic glasses, Burke said: "We are going to look at the consequences of that but drinks tend to go everywhere when fans celebrate a goal.

"There were a couple thrown when we scored our third goal and the people in question were spoken to."