THERE are plenty of traditions and rituals in football.

Yet, while most are accepted and embraced, I reckon one in particular could do with a re-think, and that’s the pre-match coin toss.

Take last Saturday’s match against Stalybridge Celtic for example.

The teams walked out at about 2.58pm for the line-up and hand-shakes before City took up their usual position in the half of the pitch nearest the dressing rooms.

Both captains then met in the centre circle, shook hands and waited for the referee to spin the coin to determine who would attack which end.

As it was, City kicked towards the canal end in the first-half, meaning a large proportion of their fans were traipsing round the ground to stand behind the opposite goal while the game was in progress.

Against Gainsborough earlier this month, City attacked the dressing room end first so had to switch once the coin toss had been completed.

My point is this, why not sort all this before the teams come out?

Spin a coin in the dressing rooms and then announce it over the tannoy system who had won the toss and which goal they had elected to attack.

Why waste time on the pitch making players, and the supporters, change ends?

I know it happens up and down the country every week but I just don’t see what anybody really gains from it.

A minor quibble in the grand scheme of things I know, but just because it’s always been done this way, doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.