WORCESTER City’s season has been a tale of two halves.

There was a lot of promised leading up to Christmas but we were up against it from the turn of the year.

We have probably finished where we deserved to and, unfortunately, where a lot of people expected us to.

However, the team has shown that in stages they can compete with the top teams in the league. But to compete with them for half a season isn’t good enough, we have got to do it for the whole campaign.

By and large, we showed passion and desire but we fell short in the end.

Our performances against St Albans and AFC Wimble-don were the highlights at home.

They were played on a great surface which allowed us to move the ball around.

Winning eight times away from home was the best record in the bottom half of the table.

The victory at Hampton and Richmond in November was a good achievement because they were in the hunt for the title until the last couple of games.

But next season I want to be concentrating on the home form because that is what helps you do well in the league.

If you don’t have a good home record you don’t ach-ieve anything and to do that we have to be more resilient at the back and score more goals up front.

It is about consistency, it’s no good putting six crosses into the box in a game and none the next, it needs to be in every game.

I never could have envisaged things going backwards from December onwards like they did, it was a massive surprise not winning any of the last 11 matches.

When we lost 1-0 at home to Eastleigh last month, the players were sat in the changing room feeling sorry for themselves but it wasn’t performances like that cost us, it was the efforts against Weston-super-Mare and te-ams we should have done better against.

It was great to see Shabir win the player-of-the-season award, I think him and Gary Walker have been excellent for us.

Shabir has been one of the best players in the league this season.

For a young lad to be that consistent is great and I have not seen a better left-back in our division. If he can start next season fully fit I won’t be surprised if there are some enquiries about him.

Those two have been massive plusses for me and signing Graham Ward and Tom Kemp for next season are also huge bonuses.