RETURNING to winning ways against Sheffield Sharks last Saturday was a good show of character from Worcester Wolves.

I was really disappointed with the 94-76 loss against London the day before but having seen the game again, we didn’t look that bad.

The thing that really hurt us was our control and handling the ball under pressure and a lot of that is down to not having a point guard like Sherrad Prezzie-Blue who can take that responsibility.

Sometimes back-to-back games are hard but the fact we lost to London Lions and had a game on Saturday, it was a chance to bounce back straight away and I thought we did that pretty well.

The way the league is shaping up now any win is good, home or away, because there’s a pile of teams in the mix for making the play-offs.

When I took the job on I said I wanted to make sure this team makes the play-offs year on year without question. We are still there in the thick of things and still trying to finish in the top half of the table.

We’ll certainly be a much better team once Prezzie’s here. I brought players in saying we’ve got this fantastic point guard who’s going to distribute the ball and lead the way, and they’ve not been able to work with him yet. Although he won’t know all of the newer players like Kalil Irving, he is familiar with Arnas Kazlauskas, Carlos Fernandez, Stan Ocitti and Alex Owumi.

They have all been talking to each other on Facebook and Skype so there is a relationship there. Prezzie’s been saying how desperate he is to be here and they’ve been saying the same thing as well.

There could also be more players arriving now that we have released Stuart Thomson.

As a team I think we need some more presence on defence and show a bit more physical and mental toughness.

If there are a couple of players who potentially can bring that to the team, and a bit more energy, then we’ll certainly look at them.

That’s something that might happen once we have played Newcastle next Saturday because we have a bit of a break after that.

As for Stuart, it’s never nice to release a player but he was a good player in the wrong setting. The way I want to play the game didn’t suit his style and I think everybody was frustrated.

Hopefully he’ll go on to another club in the BBL and find somewhere which is the right fit. From myself and the club, we wish him well.