USING DVD footage to analyse our matches is something we are looking to do more of at Worcester Wolves.

Being able to look back at games, I think improves us tremendously and, while it’s limited at this moment in time, we are looking to incorporate it going forward.

I could be telling players what I want them to do and they think they’re doing it but if I can acutally show them on a DVD I think it sinks in better than me just telling them.

Certain players would rather see what’s happening and it reiterates what I’ve been telling them.

There are time constraints as to how much analysis we can do but we use it the best we can at the moment, especially if there are key things we need to look at.

There’s a lot of insight to be had and hopefully we can pass information on to the team for us to improve our performances.

Sometimes a DVD can give you a different perspective but sometimes it gives confirmation of what you thought in the first place.

Following the 89-82 defeat to Leicester Riders last Saturday, I will be looking back at the first quarter of the game because I felt that was where it was won and lost.

I am going to go through the first 10 minutes of that game, when we had Alex Owumi, Arturas Masiulis and Sherrad Prezzie-Blue all pick up three fouls.

I will edit some bits out, have a look at them in closer detail and if I feel a bit aggrieved about some of the things that happened I will be forwarding a copy of those to the referee’s supervisor for clarification.

I think referees need to have an opportunity to improve and learn as well and the more coaches do this the more supervisors can go back to those officials and say what was a good or bad call.

It’s a learning curve for everybody. I want referees to do a great job and they should want to improve. If they don’t then they shouldn’t be refereeing.

However, the first quarter aside, I was really pleased with the way we fought back in the second-half to the point where we took the lead.

Having Arturas foul out late on didn’t help our cause but the fact everybody else stepped up to give ourselves an opportunity to win was fantastic.

It was disappointing to start 2013 with a defeat but if we are going to lose to anybody, it might as well be to the team joint top of the league.

Last year we had a fantastic season finishing third.

This year if we can finish fourth or fifth, given the start we had, that would be every bit as good an achievement.