WORCESTER Warriors’ supporters have taken to social media and fans’ forums to express their views on the club’s efforts to find further investment.

Chairman Bill Bolsover confirmed this morning Warriors were looking to secure a new investor after the Aviva Premiership outfit reportedly lost more than £16 million over the last three seasons.

But Bolsover, speaking on behalf of Sixways Holding Limited who control Warriors, insisted the shareholders would continue to support the club.

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Nigel Jackman

We were promised a 9 and 10 this year but they won't spend any cash.

If we are to compete with the others we need to invest in the team.

If we can't do that drop down to the Championship and we can all save a few bob.

Lewis Willetts

I remember growing up with a community club not one that tells the fans last. They wonder why they’re making such huge losses.

Nigel Baddeley

Would have been nice to hear it from the club first instead of from The Rugby Paper.

Sam Hillcox

Hopefully this means a decent 10 might be on the cards.

Rich Adams

Compete at the highest level? Finishing in the bottom two every season isn't competing! A lot more investment is needed in the playing squad.

Ron Payne

What a mess, it can't be helping the players morale.

Worcester Faithful‏ (@WorcsFaithful)

Not surprised we are up for sale at all. The club has massively disconnected itself from the city and a large % of its potential fan base.

Richard Udall‏ (@allray)

Warriors up for sale. Could we have a co-operative option, a club owned and controlled by its own supporters? A very radical idea!

West Brom Warrior

Actually a loss making business is not always bad news. If you are on overseas investor it is a fantastic way of writing of tax and putting some money and assets abroad which is especially useful if you live in a politically unstable country perhaps.

I accept that narrows down the possibilities somewhat of who could take over.

That aside I would be delighted if Ed Griffiths is involved in the club going forward. He transformed Sarries and could be what we need at Worcester to shift ourselves up the league table.