Stuart Leng.

From 17-0 and 24-6, a great fight back and with the return of Hougaard and the backing of the fans, we can survive.

Simon Marshall.

A much better second half. So close at the end and felt if they had spread it wide probably would have found Gloucester short-handed.

Scotland-Williamson was the game changer for me.

Steve Chinn.

Terrific come back! Ben, Scotland-Williamson, Kitto and Denton all made big impacts.

Greater command of basics early on and at the death and we'd have strolled it at a canter. The heart was there!

Mark Hipkiss.

We should have won that game.

A 17-0 start and a poor try to concede at the start of the second half. After that it was all Worcester. I saw so many positives but when we give points away like we do it's going to be tough.

Well played boys, onto Saracens.

Beckie Louise.

Stringer was slow throughout, thought the pace went up when Kitto came on and he and Mills worked well together. Donncha’s yellow was so costly.

Nick Marshall‏ (@nmarshall1990).

Showed a lot of fight but lacked composure at key times. Also made Gloucester's lives too easy in the first half with poor wide defence.

Michael Andrew Burke‏ (@maburke2104).

Lots of heart shown to get back in the game, must take chances and learn to play the full 80 minutes. It’s a change to concede at start and not the end.


I thought Mills back at 10 gave the backs some go forward despite Stringer being extremely slow. Forwards all turned up and put a good shift in.

As has been repeatedly said 9-10 was where we've been lacking and that was half remedied.

West Brom Warrior.

To get a point out of the game with that start was a good performance and after the first quarter we played quite well.

However with a bit more composure we should have been heading home with 4 points but another load of basic errors cost us.