WARRIORS are hoping to replicate the successful arrangement they have with Phil Larder by looking to appoint a new attack coach on a part-time basis.

Former England and British Lions defence guru Larder has worked wonders at Sixways, making Worcester into one of the meanest teams in the Aviva Premiership, despite only working with the players a couple of days a week.

Larder works closely with academy manager Andrew Stanley, who then co-ordinates the defence sessions for the rest of the week.

Head coach Richard Hill has revealed he will look to use Stanley’s right-hand man Gary Meechan in a similar way to support the new attack coach the club are poised to bring in.

Hill explained: “A bit like the way Phil is part-time, the attack coach will work on a part-time basis, so I can see Gary working very closely with the coach we will be bringing in.

“What Stan has done is to work closely with Phil, so when Phil is not here Stan can work on the defence through the course of the week.

“Hopefully, Gary will be used in that type of arrangement where he works very closely with the attack coach and can then continue the work when the new man isn’t here.”

Warriors recently announced plans to streamline their academy system in a bid to fast-track the club’s elite youngsters into the first team squad.

Hill added: “Both of our academy coaches, Stan and Gary, will work much more closely with the first team, so their roles have become a lot more important.

“Rather than two squads being separate for training sessions, the players will be all together on the same field and working with the first team coaches, so Stan and Gary will have much more input.

“There are one or two players in the academy who are not far off breaking into the first team squad — we have high hopes for Rob Wood, who is recovering from knee surgery. James Currie is in the top end of the academy too and both of those forwards are very promising.

“As for the three-quarters, Joe Carlisle’s brother Tom looks a very good prospect and we’ve been impressed with Ben Howard, who is a tall and powerful full-back.

“There are a few lads there and hopefully working more closely with the first team will speed their development up.”