John Hannah has confessed he can't take detective dramas seriously since starring in spoof show A Touch Of Cloth.

The Scottish actor plays DCI Jack Cloth in Charlie Brooker's mock cop show, set to air on Sky1 HD this summer.

And he revealed: "I can't watch any of those shows now without finding them hysterically funny, even the serious ones, because they're just worthy or maybe they're not worthy, they just try too hard."

John said co-star Suranne Jones, who plays straight-talking DC Anne Oldman, had a quick turnaround between filming the spoof series and returning to ITV detective drama Scott & Bailey.

"I think it started getting tricky for her in the last week because she was about to go back onto Scott & Bailey, so she was reading the script for that and we were sitting in the van one night and I was saying, 'Read us one of your scenes for your proper cop show'," John recalled.

"(Suranne) read this scene out and it just cracked us up, literally, it could have been in Cloth - it was full of acronyms and actors talking in cop speak."