Second Battalion at Bethune.

Tenth Battalion working party of 70 men to Rue Cailloux; 200 men to Indian Village; 200 men to Haystack.

Private A F Davie A co, Third Battalion writing to a friend, gives a graphic description of the Worcesters' gallant behaviour at Hooge, in front of Ypres. After describing the shelling which our troops had to withstand for two days, he says, "We stuck it and captured three of their trenches, and held them all right... You know our motto is 'Firm' and we stood firm. The General said we were made of steel to stand the shelling we did. I had another 'near one' I was hit by a piece of steel on the ankle and a stone caught my head and made a dent...We are the only division that has not had any rest since we came out here...I can tell you it takes the life out of us, what with being in the trenches in winter, above your knees in water, and making attacks, still we can stick it if we've got to.

Information researched by WWW100 and Melanie Ballam.