Privates Robert Batsford & John Brett - Ninth Battalion. Corporal Cater - 1st/7th Battalion. Private Joseph Porter - Third Battalion.


France: 1/8th Battalion Instructions given for saps to be dug at intervals along the front. This was done with a view to their use by our troops for launching an attack in the event of it being made from this line in connection with the active operations expected to be initiated in the near future. The digging of these saps appeared to interest the enemy and caused a good deal of extra activity on the part of his patrols. A hostile patrol bombed the covering party in front of the work, all grenades falling short The County Council desire to place on record their deep sympathy with the relatives and friends of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men in Worcestershire who have so nobly yielded their lives for their country. Mr Leadbetter said that they did not realise the large number of men who had died on active service, and whilst paying them that tribute he hoped that a Roll of Honour be prepared and that none of the bereaved was left in a state of pecuniary need. He knew a great many of the men who had fallen and also their relatives and it would be a consolation to the know that the County Council were taking an interest in their welfare.

Information researched by WWW100 and Melanie Ballam.