Sergeant Frederick Charles Birch - First Battalion. Private Harold Albert Hughes - Second Battalion. Lance Corporal W Roberts - Third Battalion. Private Arthur James Yeoman. Private B  Fox - Fourth Battalion.


11th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment arrived in France, joining 78th Brigade/26th Division for training

Recruiting meeting at Pershore
A recruiting procession took place in Pershore on Friday. In the morning, the band from Worcestershire Regimental Depot, under Bandmaster R Banbury, paraded the town. Two able speakers of the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee gave addresses in Broad Street to a large crowd, among whom there were few eligible men, simply because there are so few left of military age.

Worcester Man's Death
Private Horace A T Digger of 96 Flag Meadow, has died in hospital in Alexandria from pneumonia and enteric. The deceased who enlisted in the RMLI (Plymouth Battalion) last September, and went to the Dardanelles, was formerly employed in at the Vulcan for seven years.

George Passey, fruiterer, was summoned by Beatrice Lower of 3 Court, Tybridge, for assault. He pleaded guilty. Beatrice Lowe said that her step-father pushed her and struck her between the eyes making her nose bleed. Defendant said that her had great provocation and only pushed her. Fined 5s.

Theft of a purse
Ralph Turner, aged 12, a respectably dressed schoolboy of 50 St Georges Lane, was charged with stealing a purse containing a 10s note, two half crowns, about 10s in silver and four keys, belonging to Miss Alice Smith, typist, 60 Townsend Street. The prosecutrix stated that she left the purse on the hall stand the door being left slightly open. Evidence was given by Mr Taylor and Miss Trehearne of Halfords bicycle shop, Broad Street, who said that the boy bought form their shop a flash lamp and a toy pistol. He also stole 4s form a barber's shop, some jellies from a grocer's and a watch from a soldier billeted at his house: the bench sentences the boy to receive six strokes of the birch.

Information researched by Melanie Ballam and the WWW100 team.