Henry Jauncey was born in 1862 in Leigh Sinton to George and Ann Jauncey and was one of triplets who all survived. This was quite unusual for the times.

In July 1862, Her Majesty Queen Victoria sent his parents £1 for each child. Elizabeth Jauncey (nee Mitchell) was also born in Leigh Sinton in 1865 to Joseph and Elizabeth Mitchell and the couple married in 1885.

Henry worked as a farm labourer and a carter on a farm in and around Leigh Sinton. This area produced mostly arable crop with hops not prevalent till after WW1.

During their life, they had eleven children, Emily 1886–1982, James Henry 1888-1955, George 1890-1984, William 1892-1917, Frederick 1894-1918, Florence 1898-1969, Elizabeth 1899-1973, Francis 1902-1977, Albert 1903-1994, Beatrice 1905-1992, Richard 1907-1993.

They didn’t go far from Leigh Sinton and moved to Brockamin and then to Lower Sandlin.


 James Henry Jauncey       1888-1955

Worcestershire  Regt 6133      242620

Oxford and Buckingham Regt  49396

James Joined the Worcestershire Regiment and then at some point transferred to the Oxford and Bucks Light infantry. Before he went to war, James worked as a carter at a nursery in Malvern. He survived the war, didn’t get married and went on to live in Birmingham and worked on the railways.


George Jauncey 1890-1984

Army Service Corps-M2/096988

Royal Berkshire Regiment 38159                                                             

George joined the army service corps attached to the Royal Berkshire Regiment. Before the war, George worked as a domestic groom at Lower Sandlin and possibly at Ashcroft House. He survived the war and also moved to Birmingham and worked on the railways, quite possibly with his elder brother James. He lived a long life and died aged 94.


William Jauncey 1892 ---16th August 1917

Worcestershire Regiment   3928  / 241272

Before the war, William worked as a carter on a farm  possibly Cherkenhill farm, Lower Sandlin. William joined the 2nd/8th Worcestershire Regiment. This was a territorial regiment. He was killed in the battle of Passchendaele aged 25yrs, and his body was never found. His name is commemorated on the Tyne Cot memorial.                                                                         


Frederick Thomas Jauncey 1893 – 5th April 1918

East Lancashire 30063 / 38545

Frederick joined the 2nd/5th battalion East Lancashire regiment. Before the war, Frederick worked as a farm labourer at possibly Cherkenhill with his brothers. Frederick was killed during the battle of Bucquoy Crossroads, France and is buried at St Sever cemetery, extension Rouen, France. 


William Jauncey 1886 ---31st December 1915

9th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment  20418

William was the son of William and Agnes Jauncey of Leigh Sinton. He was the cousin of the aforementioned Jauncey brothers. Before he went to war, William worked as a farm labourer in and around Leigh Sinton.  He fought with the 9th battalion of the Worcestershire Regiment. He died of his wounds on a hospital ship in the Dardenelles and was buried at sea. He is remembered on the Helles memorial near the Gillipoli peninsular (panel 104-113).


William Leonard James Jauncey 1924-29th November 1950


William Leonard James was the son of Joseph and Miriam Jauncey of Leigh Sinton. William was a great nephew of Henry and Elizabeth Jauncey. He fought in the Korean war with 41 Commando Royal Marines.  William died on 29 November 1950 aged 26. He was buried in a mass grave in Koto-Ri, and came from Bellbroughton, nr. Worcester.                                 


Authors = Davide Jauncey & Sheila Mason