Lieutenant Campbell Greenhill


3rd Battallion, Worcestershire Regiment


Died France and Flanders 10/08/1917


Lt Greenhill was born on November 14, 1885 in Garelochead, Argyll. The family moved to Bridgeton, near Glasgow, two years later where he grew up to become a commercial traveller.

When the war broke out he was a Scoutmaster with teh 113th Scout Troop.

He was enlisted for service with the Lowland division of the Royal Engineers in Rutherglen on September 14, 1914 and served as a driver.

Lt Greenhill was granted commission to the 12th Battallion, Worcestershire Regiment on May 14, 1915 and was posted to France on March 14 the next year.

He moved to the third battallion in December 1916 and was awarded a Military Cross for his part in taking a German machine gun out of action before it was able to attack his company during the preperations for the Battle of Messines Ridge.

Lt Greenhill was killed at Zillebeke during the Battle of Passchendaele on August 10, 1917.

His battallion was in reserve but was ordered forward to capture Westhoek, where they came under heavy machine gun fire but still managed to repulse the counter attack, at the cost of the lives of 11 men.