A FREE event with space robots, rocket displays, a ‘moon mission’ and space talks was held at The Hive this week,

Space Night took place on Thursday (March 19) from 5pm to 8pm, in association with the BBC’s star gazing live.

Four planetarium family shows were held, enabling the audience to “explore the awe and wonder of space, stars, our planet and the possibility of life on other worlds”, while the event also featured several talks, space-themed craft activities and interactive fun.

Miranda Sowden, marketing and communications officer at The Hive, said: “It was a really popular event that hundreds of people attended.”

Families were also able to join the University of Worcester's ‘moon mission’ and compete as individuals or teams to reach the moon and back by walking, running, pedalling, swimming, toddling, rowing or wheeling.

The event’s speakers included Chris Baddiley, of the Institute of Physics, who talked about eclipses and the universe, Dr Gabby Provan, of the University of Leicester, who discussed planeterella, and local sci-fi novelist Carmen Capuano who spoke about writing.