YEAR seven students took part in various entrepreneurial workshops as part of a Malvern festival.

Pupils from Bishop Perowne CE College went to the Next Generation Innovators show, which highlighted creative science and technology advancements.

The 32 students made the trip as part of the Malvern Festival of Innovation.

Mark Pollard, headteacher at Bishop Perowne CE College, commented: “Giving our students the opportunity to attend events likes this is all about improving their understanding of how science, maths and technology work together.

"Our school motto is Endeavour Forever, so being able to bring to life what students are learning in the classroom is important.

"They all thoroughly enjoyed the day and it really highlighted the kind of exciting and innovating careers that are available to them in these fields.”

As well as a number of workshops, the children also heard a number of talks by leading experts.

These included ‘Mathematical Curiosities’, held by Marcus du Sautoy OBE, the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

Additionally, Orla Murphy, the 2016 IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year, gave a talk about ‘The future of infotainment’ and Adam Hart, professor of science communication at the University of Gloucestershire hosted ‘A World of Helpful Bacteria’.

The students also got hands-on with virtual reality, learnt how to programme minicomputer boards to complete a simple hardware control task using Python code and discovered what is required to get a rocket, a satellite, a probe and even a human into space.

They attended the event on Tuesday October 4.