A SPECIAL shop providing Worcester’s homeless community with clothing opened its doors in the city centre.

The new £0.5M Maggs clothing store and activities centre, on The Tything, was opened by the city’s MP Robin Walker on Friday.

The MP said: “I know that Maggs does some brilliant work to support some of Worcester’s most vulnerable people, and at this time of year when we all feel the cold, it is more important than ever that people have access to accommodation and warm clothing.

“I welcome the fact that charities, local councils and voluntary organisations are working together to help meet these vital needs.

“I hope local people will support this project by donating unwanted clothes and I commend Maggs for the work that they are doing to bring some festive warmth to those in need this Christmas.”

It has been created as a partnership between four charities Maggs Day Centre, Worcester Citizens’ Advice Bureau and Worcester Housing and Benefits Advice Centre (CAB/WHABAC) and Worcester Municipal Charities.

It also has an onsite training facility teaching people life skills such as budgeting and cooking, and Maggs administrative staff will also work out of the building.

The upper storey has been converted into two one-bedroom flats for local people at risk of homelessness.

This unites all these services in one new location and replaces two cramped back street offices, which have been closed.

Chairman Maggs Day Centre Mel Akers said: “Our present clothing store and activity centre were in rather cramped separate buildings, so it is great to be in these new premises offer both services under one roof. The clothing store will operate much like a food bank, but offers free clothes, donated by the public and local businesses for homeless people and others in need.”

The building and refurbishment was funded by Worcester Municipal Charities.

Chairman of Worcester Municipal Charities Paul Griffith MBE said: “The Maggs Clothing Store is our latest contribution some 450 years after we were founded.

“Between 2013 and 2018, with help from the Government Homes and Communities Agency, we will have created 37 new flats for the single homeless in Worcester.

For more information go to, maggsdaycentre.co.uk.