Suicide is the biggest killer of people under the age of 35 and the biggest killer of men under the age of 50.

In recognition of this, the SJL Foundation, the charity arm of SJL Insurance, has granted £2,000 and a package of mentorship to Sam Neath from Worcester (27) who has suffered with severe mental health since 2020.

The founder of Zenful Men, Sam had lived a full and varied life and even travelled across Australia up to 2019, but when lockdown hit, he returned home to find his mental health in tatters.

“It just got the better of me”, he said. “One day I was partying in Australia, the next I was in my bedroom unable to go out – and I couldn’t cope.”

After some soul searching, he founded Zenful Men, a wellness brand that offers a variety of menswear and tools designed to promote well-being and raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. He wanted to use his pain and suffering as a platform for positivity and to empower people to overcome their struggles with mental health.

The brand's clothing and accessories line is thoughtfully crafted to inspire comfort, mindfulness, and self-care, with reflective elements symbolising inner reflection and self-awareness. By incorporating messages and designs related to mental health, Zenful Men strives to ignite conversations and increase awareness around this important societal issue.

To date, the Zenful Men brand has raised more than £13,000 for mental health charities such as MIND and My Black Dog, and provided sponsorships for therapy.

Sam has already utilised a portion of the grant from The SJL Foundation to purchase a much-needed computer, after kick starting and growing the entire business from his mobile phone.

Expressing his gratitude for the grant, Sam said: "I'm so very grateful to Simon and his team at the SJL Foundation. It's so humbling that the business I created out of my own struggles has come so far already.

“The SJL family has already provided me with crucial direction to help me take this business to the next level, while also investing money that we needed to buy new tools. This can help me work more efficiently and give us a real push to expand."

Zenful Men has already gained significant recognition - having featured on the BBC and hosted breathwork and cold water therapy workshops for the likes of Gymshark.

The business’s commitment to promoting holistic techniques that effectively alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression has earned them the Worcestershire Business of the Month award.

Founder of the SJL Foundation, Simon Lancaster, said: "We were absolutely delighted to be able to help Sam. This is one of the many reasons that we set up the SJL foundation – to pay it forward and support individuals like Sam, who find themselves in situations similar to what I experienced 22 years ago.

“I have had the privilege of meeting Sam several times throughout this process, and he is a remarkable individual with boundless energy to make a positive difference. He has the potential to build a fantastic ethical business, and we look forward to working with him to maximise its success."

The SJL Foundation is a charity that aims to pay it forward and support individuals in need. The foundation is run by SJL Insurance Services, one of the largest independently owned insurance brokers in the country. Working closely with local charities and organisations, the foundation provides valuable support and assistance to those facing various challenges.

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