RISING band, The Little Unsaid have a new single to promote and a gig at The Marrs Bar to help promote it.

The single, Day is Golden is also the title for the UK concert tour, which includes the Worcester venue.

And songwriter John Elliott had a very personal reason to lay down the new track, because it expresses his battle with mental illness, and also his personal light at the end of the tunnel.

He said: “The resonance the song has with other people has magnified the meaning of it so much beyond my own personal reasons for writing it. After gigs I’ve had so many beautiful open conversations with strangers about their personal struggles, things you wouldn’t normally imagine sharing on a night out.

“The song somehow seemed to open up this oddly uplifting dialogue around grief and trauma and things that can be so difficult for most of us to talk about.’

Elliott moved to London in 2010 to work in film and animation, and would spend his nights making his first recordings, playing all the instruments himself and orchestrating additional parts for a string section.

The spokesman said: “After a couple of years he took the plunge and left a steady job in order to tour, anywhere and everywhere, spending months at a time on the road sleeping on floors, in venues, in his car, endlessly crafting his songs and sound. Along the road he has found lifelong friends.”

The Little Unsaid are: John Elliott – Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Programming; Tim Heymerdinger – Drums, Percussion, FX, Vocals; Mariya Brachkova – Bass, Moog, Vocals; Alison D’Souza– Viola, FX.”

John said: “We live for the moments where we’re all completely present, us and the audience, and something sparks between us that is deeply personal.

The date for the diary is April 12.

Further details: http://www.marrsbar.co.uk/events/the-little-unsaid/