The world premiere of Tom Gates Live on Stage opened tonight (Wednesday) in Bristol.

This brand new story is brought to you by the award winning team behind Horrible Histories and Gangsta Granny.

Based on the best selling books by Liz Pichon, Tom is doing everything possible at school to stay out of trouble so he can go on the school trip to the Biscuit Factory.

Four sad faces on the school achievement board (he already has three) means no trip.

Class 5F teacher Mr Fullerman gives him one more chance telling Tom 'something always goes wrong'. Class friends moany Marcus Meldrew does his best to prevent him from going, intelligent Amy Porter has stopped talking and can best friend Derek help, things get worse when Rooster the dog eats his homework.

The Fossils (Tom's grandparents as he affectionately calls them) never make anything he likes to eat... his relationship with moody sister Delia is one most brothers and sisters will relate to.

Tom Gates has been brilliantly brought to life by the wonderfully funny characters and the amazing creative interactive screen stage set.

Another great show from The Birmingham Stage Company which runs until Saturday, 23rd February at the Bristol Hippodrome.