The world's favourite Rock 'N' Roll musical opened in Bristol on Monday evening the next stop on the World Tour 2019. This legendary musical extravaganza is still wowing audiences worldwide 46 years on after it began life in 1973.

Written by Richard O'Brien back in the day the show has a cult fanbase across the generations who regardless of gender rock up in stockings, suspenders, basques and wigs - a spectacle to behold ready for full audience participation, the Bristol audience did not disappoint.

Sweet and innocent college students Brad and Janet who are whiter than white are on the way to see their favourite college lecturer Dr Scott when their car gets a puncture in stormy weather in the middle of nowhere, their world is about to change forever.

Former boyband member Duncan James of Blue is the glamourous, seductive, cross dressing mad transvestite scientist called Dr Frank N Furter who is magnificent, his performance thrilled the audience with the decibles rising when he sang Sweet Transvestite and I'm Going Home.

Former Strictly star Joanne Clifton is the naive and innocent Janet, her nerdy fiancee Brad (James Darch) is a former singer with A1 - they lose their innocence whilst meeting some of the wildest and strangest characters on the planet in the scientists weird castle.

The script is narrated by Dom Jolly ably assisted by the audience (who were well up for it) from the moment the show commenced, he was razor sharp.

A superbly designed set, super costumes, excellent casting and rock music ensure this production ticks every box - now Let's do the time-warp again, it's a jump to the left and then a step to the right, with your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight...

What a great party this is, like O'Brien says 'It's like an alternative pantomime, a bit of fun'.

Everyone ought to see this musical at least once or like the guy behind me it was his 17th time.

Runs until Saturday, 22nd June at the Bristol Bristol Hippodrome.