Demi Jones has said she wants to highlight awareness of cancer on Love Island: All Stars by showing off her scars while wearing a bikini.

The influencer, 25, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in May 2021, about a year after first entering the villa.

She goes for regular check-ups and has been cancer free for about two years.

Speaking about returning for the ITV2 spin-off show, which sees past contestants return, Jones said: “I’m actually so grateful I’m getting this experience again.”

She also said: “It’s going to be amazing to be an advocate for cancer awareness, and Samie Elishi, who was on winter Love Island last year, she said that she spotted (her) lump because of me, because she saw my story.

“So that’s just one person that’s already been on Love Island and the impact it will have if I’m talking about it, or people will see my scar when I’m in my bikini and things like that, and I hope people think.”

Elishi told her Instagram followers in August that “the lump in my neck is not cancerous and it’s just a benign tumour”.

Jones also said this time around she has “got confidence”.

She added: “I’ve definitely gained sort of like a thicker skin and I feel like I can speak up for myself, now, as I won’t be afraid to sort of put myself first.

“I still worry about other people’s feelings, but make sure my feelings and myself come first as much as the next person.”

She came third during season six, which aired in winter, with Luke Mabbott, from whom she has since split.

Elsewhere Mitchel Taylor, who came off in season 10 last year and was sent packing just before the final, said he will be “calmer” this time around.

He said: “I came in and (I had) feelings for Molly (Marsh), the first time was very genuine and that hurt, that hurt like hell, because I was just like, I dated this girl, I was seeing this girl for a week and then she didn’t really get to know me but she would get to know a guy (from) the other side of the room so, and I couldn’t fathom it.”

Marsh later came third with Zachariah Noble.

Taylor also spoke about his social media being full of “a lot of hate” after leaving the series.

He added: “A lot of the islanders told me the same and I thought it (would) affect me but it didn’t, none of it did, I don’t who you are.”