WHAT better way to welcome spring than with hues inspired by blooming daffodils and Easter chicks?

But don't get in a flap about eye-popping orange and yellow. There's a multitude of ways to work these bright shades that makes them wearable right now.

Traditionally high-summer colours, it pays to be an early bird this season.

"There is no better way to 'spring into spring' than injecting citrus shades into your outfit," says Veronique Henderson, creative director at Colour Me Beautiful (www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk).

Get tweeting and chirping about these uplifting looks.


There are few colours on the rainbow spectrum that freshen up your style like orange and yellow.

Henderson says: "Lemons, primroses, daffodils, light gold, oranges, tangerines, pumpkins, orange red and corals all evoke the feeling that spring is in the air."

Add some vitality to your new season look by going statement top-to-toe in your favourite shade.

If you're feeling bold, try mixing up two different orange and yellow separates for an uplifting colour-clashing cocktail.

"Before figuring out if yellows and oranges are great shades on you, you need to look at the fabric of the garment," Henderson advises.

"Yellows and oranges on wool, cotton or linen fabrics will look flatter and matte, making them slightly easier to pull off."


Not everyone wants to stand out like a New York taxi, so use these zesty shades more frugally as accents.

"Personality comes into play when wearing brighter colours," says Henderson. "Those feeling cautious should avoid the head-to-toe look and wear as a print."

If you prefer an unfussy look, try teaming your yellow or orange with neutral colours like white and beige, which will slice through the colour but still look spring-like. See Louis Vuitton's spring/summer 13 catwalk for a masterclass in a white-hot yellow look.

A casual look is the easiest way to experiment with brights so swap your traditional blue denim for a pair of pastel lemon or tangerine skinny jeans.

Still feeling colour-shy? Turn to bright accessories - those little 'eggstras' - for a nod to the spring chick look. A bag, shoes or jewellery in one of these hues will transform an everyday outfit with a shot of sunshine.


Find the right uber-bright for you and it will see you right through to autumn. Follow Veronique Henderson's colouring advice to avoid unflattering clashes with your skin and hair. The colour types apply to all skin tones, from ivory pale to black and Asian colourings - the key lies in looking at the contrast between hair and eyes and the subtle tones that make up the overall feel of your colouring.


Light blonde hair, pale transparent skin, pale eyes: think Gwyneth Paltrow.

Try and keep your yellows as pale as possible. Ivory with a hint of yellow or a light primrose will be best. Wearing two light colours together is the prerogative of the lights.


Dark hair and bright eyes: think the Duchess of Cambridge. Dark and Asian skin tones with 'clear' colouring will have dark hair and eyes and jewelled-like sparkling eyes, with the whites of the eyes a brilliant white.

A bright yellow or bright orange on a shiny fabric (silk, taffeta) will emphasise your bright eyes and show clarity in your look. Wear it in contrast with another shade to recreate the brightness exuded by your look.


Dark hair, dark eyes: think Victoria Beckham. Dark skin tones with 'deep' colouring will have dark hair with the whites of the eyes yellow-tinged.

Wear lemon yellow and tangerine in contrast with stark black for a great look, or on its own for greater impact. If you have darker skin, dark citrus shades like marigold and sunflower will be flattering.


Strawberry blonde to auburn hair, or dark hair with red undertones or highlights: think Tilda Swinton if you're pale or Tyra Banks if you're darker.

You are born to wear yellow and orange. Whether you have freckles or not, don't be shy. Embrace those colours and make them your own.


Ash tone hair, grey/blue/green/brown clear eyes, skin may have slight bluish tinge: think Dame Judi Dench. Japanese women with clear, translucent skin often have 'cool' colouring.

Steer clear of all yellow and oranges. If you simply love those colours, you are best to inject them in a print mixed with your best colours (blues and pinks), or in an accessory that's away from your face.


Highlighted hair and little definition between hair, eye and skin tone: think Beyonce.

Keep your citrus shades as light as possible, unless you have greenish eyes when you can wear the stronger shades.