GOING to the cinema in my home town – the mighty Brum – can be a traumatic experience.

Many a time at the Odeon in Broadway Plaza I’ve had to tell hoodie-clad yobs to be quiet, only to receive a tirade of abuse and expletives in response.

Then there’s the over-amorous teenagers on the back row to try and ignore, as well as those girls that gossip out-loud on their flashing iPhones during the film’s key scenes.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, I always fear I’ll need to re-mortgage my house to pay for the Coca Cola and popcorn I’ve just picked up.

My visit to The Regal Cinema in Evesham with my wife Becky was like a trip to cinematic paradise in comparison.

We walked through the front door, late due to bad traffic, and it felt like stepping back in time.

The art deco building is a delight – lovingly restored into a stylish, beautiful setting for catching a good movie.

We opted for a spot in the ground floor stalls, complete with candlelit table and accompanying comfy seats – although we were tempted to snuggle up on one of the sofas in the circle.

Behind us was an enticing bar offering an array of drinks and food, rather than the group of obnoxious youngsters I’ve been used to.

But we didn’t even need to get up to order a beer, diet coke and some nibbles.

A notice on our table said we could simply text in our order and a member of staff would bring our refreshments over.

Why not? A little bit of luxury never hurt anyone.

Suitably supplied we sat back and enjoyed our movie on the big screen.

We watched Everest starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Keira Knightley – an awe-inspiring tale based on the real-life 1996 mountaineering disaster on the world’s tallest summit.

It was highly enjoyable – I’m a lover of mountains and the great outdoors, so it was an easy-sell – and, despite The Regal’s old-school style, the screen and sound quality were top notch.

But it wasn’t just about the blockbuster movie.

True to its “far more than an ordinary cinema” approach, The Regal had a magnificent exhibition of Everest expedition photos in its upstairs bar.

I, for one, was mesmerised by the images – and also couldn’t resist a selfie with the mountaineering mannequin near the cinema entrance.

Friendly staff smiled and wished us a good evening as we headed out into the chilly autumnal air of Evesham – and, as I walked back to my car, I thought I wish The Regal Cinema was in Birmingham.