Eleven year old Ben dreads Friday evening's for his weekly overnight stay at his Granny's whilst his Strictly Dancing obsessed parents attend their beloved ballroom dance class.

Ben thinks its not cool to spend time with his Gran who loves everything cabbage - soup, cake, mousse and even chocolate, bursting with flatulance, until he discovers a hidden secret in the biscuit tin and learns he has the best Granny in the whole world.

What happens next is an adventure we as kids can only dream of planning with your Gansta Granny of stealing the crown jewels from The Tower of London.

Ben was superbly played by Ashley Cross, Louise Bailey as Gansta Granny the action packed OAP who rocked the theatre with her mobile scooter antics and rooftop escape from the hospital was totally believeable, just the sort of granny we all want.

The poignant tale of family relationships is smartly staged by the Birmingham Stage Company and will touch your heart.

Immensely talented David Walliams has wowed his fans with global sales of his books of over 17 million.

I must admit although a fan of Walliams through tv I have not read one of his books which as new grandparent I am looking forward to.

No matter what your age 'one will' love this wonderful show.

Gansta Granny runs until Saturday, 3rd June at the Bristol Hippodrome.