Mark Haddon's tale of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime (often referred to as Curious or Curious Incident) is about Christopher Boone a 15 year old boy who finds people difficult, has never left his street in Swindon unaccompanied until something happens one night when he discovers a neighbours dog 'Wellington' ruthlessly murdered on the lawn with a pitch fork. Determined to investigate who the killed the dog we witness the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

Curious is a powerful novel it is not only about disability and our attitutude towards it, it encompasses family, death, space, railways, loyalty, truth, bravery, mathematics, teaching and learning.

Christopher's relationship with his teacher Siobhan is exceptional, most of us may have had that one special teacher who really understood us more than any other. 

Scott Reid is wholly convincing as Christopher, revealing the person and character beneath the faultless asperger idiosyncrasies. Lucianne McEvoy (Siobhan) is a tender and gentle presence throughout her moments of narration. We see the confrontation and impact of everyday family life between Christopher and his Mum and Dad.

The entire cast are thoroughly credible, sat mainly around the edge of the cube onlooking, their flawless synchronization is fantastic - congratulations to Movement Directors Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett.

This awe-inspiring production brilliantly written by Simon Stephens in 2008 is a truly 'must see' Perfection!

Runs until Saturday, 17th June at Bristol Hippodrome.