Joanne Clifton sparkled as Millie Dillmount in this musical set in America in the roaring twenties.

The girl from Kansas with the new 'bobbed' styled hair and short dress as hemlines rose was part of the female revolution who moves to New York determined to find a rich man to be her husband.

An amusing light hearted plot sees Millie living in a undesirable hotel run by Mrs Meers running a white slavery operation.

Millie has her sights set on her boss Mr Trevor Graydon (Graham MacDuff) who's performance as a drunk in the second act was outstanding, he was worthy of the biggest cheer of the evening - very very funny, pure class.

Joanne maybe better known as the winner of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing last year, however, as a youngster she dreamed of being on the stage and wow her hard work has paid off not only is she a great dancer, she sings beautifully and can act, owning the stage in this fun production.

There is slick choreography throughout one of the highlights being the tap dancing routine in the typing pool, in addition to plenty of tap dancing Joanne treats us to an Argentine tango and a Charleston.

Mentions are a must for Katherine Glover as Dorothy, Sam Barrett as penniless Jimmy Smith and Jenny Fitzpatrick's Muzzy Van Hossmere - her rendition of Only in New York was joyful.

Thoroughly entertaining Modern Millie runs until Saturday, 24th June at the Bristol Hippodrome.