What is there not to like on a July summer's evening when you are about to watch Dirty Dancing the classic story on stage, excitement and anticipation fill the theatre.

Its the summer of '63 Dr Jake Houseman takes his family to The Hotel Resorts of Catskill Mountains for rest and relaxation the rest is history...

Polished and charismatic Lewis Griffiths as Johnny was powerful and singleminded as he thrilled the females in the audience with his Swayze swagger, good looks and fine dance skills.

Carlie Milner as Penny with endless legs is a delight to watch, a consummate ballet dancer whose programme theatre credits are impressive.

'Baby' Katie Eccles was perfect as the innocent young holidaymaker who discovers herself.

All of the cast are to be applauded for the excellent dance routines.

This raunchy and sexy production follows the film from dialogue, dances and costumes which is not always the case. 

Johnny had led us throughout and there was a surprise in store as we reached the iconic finale we had all been waiting for - those imortal words 'nobody puts baby in the corner' followed by Johnny's final dance showcasing the fabulous lift.

Runs until Saturday, 8th July at the Bristol Hippodrome.