Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace's return to the Bristol Hippodrome with their new show Tango Moderno did not go quite to plan on the opening night (Tuesday).

Minutes before the show was due to start devasted producer Adam Spiegel walked on stage to announce that due to a last minute back injury to Vincent he would not be able to take part.

This is live theatre and unfortunately these things happen, unlike other shows where there is an understudy there is only one 'Simone' who limped on stage using a walking stick.

The producer announced that in order for the show to go on it had been hurriedly rehashed also informing the audience they could return as their guests offering complimentary tickets with hopefully Simone returning later in the week.

Given the circumstances the producer and the company put on a good show, the choreography is creative and imaginative with singer Tom Parsons as the narrator.

On this occasion Flavia was a lone figure during her time on stage as she glided effortlessly across the floor.

I have witnessed the two world class dancers in their previous productions Midnight Tango and Dance til Dawn and have no doubt at all that when Simone is fully recovered this will be another fab show.

Runs until Saturday, 16th September.