LAST year, adventurer Benedict Allen famously went missing on a visit to Papua New Guinea; but now he’s back and heading to the Pittville Pump Room in Cheltenham, where he will talk about his life on the edge.

A spokesman said: “One of the world’s most renowned adventurer-explorers has added extra dates to his live UK tour.

“Telling tales from his extraordinary career, Benedict will reminisce with never-before-seen material from his travels across the globe from deserts to jungles, and even icefields.”

The spokesman added: “Last year Benedict was on a solo expedition to Papua New Guinea, filming his journey to visit a community he had befriended thirty years earlier.

He hit the headlines when he failed to turn up to Port Moresby for a scheduled flight to Hong Kong, prompting his friends and family, and eventually the world media, to become concerned for his wellbeing.

“Travelling with no mobile phone for contact or GPS, Benedict was eventually located and brought back from the tribal warzone by helicopter, whereupon it was discovered that Benedict had been battling malaria and dengue fever. Benedict plans to show extracts from this astonishing expedition.”

Benedict said: “This is a hugely exciting venture for me: I can’t wait to share my experiences of some of the most testing, but also wonderfully inspiring, corners of the globe.” In this new show, Benedict – famous for ingratiating himself with indigenous communities during his journeys – will tell the whole unvarnished truth of his most recent adventure, “recalling the highs and lows of this awe-inspiring trip as well as his life as an explorer using his trademark good humour”.

The spokesman added: “Benedict will talk of his earliest influences, including his father flying a Vulcan bomber as a test pilot, and discussing the role of the explorer in the 21st century.”

The date for the diary is Wednesday, September 26.

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