IT might be a bit Mad Max meets Stratford but Gregory Doran’s latest RSC production is a lot more than a mere post apocalyptic vision.

The wonderful stage set and full use of the back stage successfully help to provide a brilliant backdrop to an amazing production of Troilus and Cressida.

It’s a difficult, fragmented play in the main theatre at Stratford but Doran has managed to piece the comedy, tragedy, history et al genres together in masterly fashion.

In fact some of the comedy is so successful, with Oliver Ford Davies’ Pandarus, it somewhat detracts from some serious tones.

However, that’s forgiven as this expansive production hits the eye and the ear in equal and pleasurable measure.

Set in the stalemate and futile war between the Greeks and the Trojans (and all the parallels since ie Vietnam) therein lies the love story and Amber James as Cressida is a force behind the play’s success.

Some great dialogue and speeches ensue and Adjoa Andoh is outstanding as Ulysses as she strides the stage and commands warriors and attention.

Charlotte Arrowsmith, as Cassandra, also makes a great impression as the bringer of bad news , particularly for the impressive Hector, Daniel Hawksford.

Most of the male roles looks like they’ve put in a lot of gym time and Andy Apollo, as Achilles, and Theo Ogundipe as Ajax, are head and shoulders – literally – above the rest!

And yet – as in most successful productions – it’s the play that’s the thing and this is where Doran is at his best. Great stage engineering, brilliant music and stunning lighting are what you come to expect of the RSC.

But Doran lets the words speak for themselves. He says he was lucky to find some notes from a previous production. But Doran, with this production, is leaving his own, powerful legacy.

Troilus and Cressida runs until November 17, 2018.