A ferocious competition is under way all across the globe – to be the very last person to hear Last Christmas by Wham! during the festive season.

The contest, known as Whamageddon, sees music fans try to avoid hearing the classic track from December 1 to midnight Christmas Eve.

According to the rules on the official Whamageddon website, only the original counts – cover versions are fine – and you’re out as soon as you recognise the song.

Once you hear the song, you take your place among other fallen warriors in Whamhalla.

And contestants are being knocked out in all sorts of different locations.

Others are still in – but only just.

Some people are coming up with tactics so they can avoid hearing the song as long as possible.

Meanwhile, some were studiously ignoring the PvP guidelines and turning the competition into war.

But of course, the game’s not for everyone – especially Wham! fans.

If all that has left you desperate to hear Last Christmas, here it is in all its glory – don’t worry, it’s the Ariana Grande cover so you’re safe to listen.