Primary Schools (Key Stage 2) in Worcester

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The tables below show achievement for pupils aged 11 and progress pupils have made between ages 7 and 11.

Key Stage 2 Achievement 2014

School Pupils Level 4 achievement Level 5 achievement Points score
Abberley Parochial VC Primary11087%20%28.9
Abbey Junior35971%19%28.4
Abbey Park Middle15874%24%27.4
Abbeymead Primary42074%15%28.1
Acocks Green Primary49492%30%30.6
Adderley Primary60892%27%29.4
Al-Furqan Primary45653%8%27.5
Albert Bradbeer Primary42761%11%27.6
Alderman Knight116SUPPSUPPSUPP
Allens Croft Primary22967%11%26.4
Alvechurch C of E Middle37184%34%30.2
Alveley Primary10165%25%26.9
Alveston C of E Primary19893%22%29.7
Amblecote Primary27279%21%28.4
Anderton Park Primary70770%20%28.2
Andoversford Primary6667%33%28.7
Anglesey Primary75978%15%27.3
Ann Cam C of E Primary8655%0%25.9
Arden Primary67785%18%28.3
ARK Rose Primary Academy20870%0%27.3
ARK Tindal Primary Academy43959%6%25.6
Ashchurch Primary12588%47%31.1
Ashfield Park Primary34874%19%28.8
Ashleworth C of E Primary21
Ashperton Primary Academy17579%29%29.6
Ashwood Park Primary32563%15%27.0
Astley C of E Primary7870%30%29.3
Aston Fields Middle55879%31%29.1
Barford Primary46878%14%28.3
Barford St Peter's C of E Primary13394%50%31.4
Barnwood C of E Primary21579%18%29.1
Bayton C of E Primary10677%31%28.4
Beaconside Primary and Nursery22789%47%31.3
Bearwood Primary48780%20%28.1
Beech Green Primary40671%21%29.0
Belbroughton C of E Primary13778%17%29.1
Belle Vue Primary45186%16%29.3
Bellfield Junior SU20583%20%28.4
Bells Farm Junior and Infant19881%19%28.7
Benson Community48866%7%26.5
Bentley Heath C of E Primary45290%30%30.7
Bewdley Primary31883%13%28.4
Bidford-on-Avon C of E Primary29384%31%30.1
Birchen Coppice Primary26262%0%25.2
Birchensale Middle41067%11%27.5
Birdlip Primary98100%36%31.2
Bishop Hooper C of E Primary7991%18%28.9
Bishops Cleeve Primary51581%24%29.5
Bishopton Primary19672%24%29.9
Bitterley C of E Primary (Aided)9892%54%30.8
Blackheath Primary46986%16%28.6
Blackminster Middle25668%5%26.8
Blakedown C of E Primary11487%13%28.3
Blakeley Heath Primary26563%19%28.0
Blanford Mere Primary229100%31%31.0
Bleakhouse Junior23672%14%27.4
Blockley C of E Primary14291%36%29.9
Blowers Green Primary23888%30%29.0
Bordesley Green Primary70062%18%27.6
Bordesley Village Primary and Children's Centre47145%15%25.3
Bosbury C of E Primary14083%28%28.8
Bournville Junior38093%47%30.8
Brampton Abbotts C of E Primary11189%17%29.3
Brandhall Primary44657%8%26.1
Bredenbury Primary53SUPPSUPPSUPP
Bredon Hill Middle45779%10%28.4
Brickhouse Primary20458%12%26.1
Bridgetown Primary36092%35%30.5
Bridstow C of E Primary8947%7%27.8
Brierley Hill Primary19877%9%27.9
Brindley Heath Junior23283%37%30.3
Broadheath C of E Primary13086%29%29.8
Broadlands Primary16965%12%26.4
Broadmeadow Junior21469%18%27.9
Broadwas C of E Aided Primary8692%50%30.1
Brockmoor Primary35570%7%27.5
Brockworth Primary Academy21186%23%28.8
Bromesberrow St Mary's C of E (Aided) Primary51SUPPSUPPSUPP
Bromley Hills Primary28276%14%28.7
Brook Primary37981%19%28.9
Brookfields Primary33176%24%28.2
Budbrooke PrimaryNEW
Budbrooke Primary30382%10%29.2
Burford C of E Primary14780%25%28.9
Burghill Community Primary96100%13%29.8
Burley Gate C of E Primary9470%0%27.6
Burlish Park Primary46088%38%30.5
Burnt Tree Primary24277%9%27.1
Callow End C of E Primary80100%22%30.7
Calthorpe Sports College3500%0%12.0
Calton Primary38367%22%28.2
Cape Primary68448%6%24.8
Carrant Brook Junior14097%34%31.1
Caslon Primary22685%8%28.0
Castle Hill Primary20297%29%30.5
Castlemorton C of E Primary9879%7%28.6
Catshill Middle25080%24%28.7
Causeway Green Primary44576%11%28.9
Chad Vale Primary32984%47%30.6
Chaddesley Corbett Endowed Primary17779%25%28.6
Chandos Primary43968%12%27.3
Chapel Fields Junior25492%22%30.1
Charlton Kings Junior38194%48%31.0
Cherry Oak780%0%12.0
Cherry Orchard Primary63068%13%28.5
Cherry Trees280%0%14.4
Cheswick Green Primary21268%39%29.4
Chilcote Primary47498%47%32.4
Chilwell Croft Academy38174%3%26.4
Christ Church C of E Controlled Primary and Nursery23273%13%27.1
Christ Church C of E Primary31862%17%27.9
Christ Church C of E Primary21467%8%27.3
Church Hill Middle26872%7%27.1
Church of the Ascension C of E Primary28189%42%31.0
Churcham Primary3671%14%28.9
Churchdown Parton Manor Junior15077%31%28.3
Churchdown Village Junior24293%50%31.4
Claines C of E Primary20886%34%29.6
Claverdon Primary20793%37%31.7
Clee Hill Community Primary11491%18%28.1
Clent Parochial Primary10493%53%30.8
Cleobury Mortimer Primary20688%28%30.1
Clifton Primary80662%22%26.9
Clifton-upon-Teme Primary7782%36%29.9
Coberley C of E Primary6893%50%31.4
Cofton Primary23772%28%28.9
Cold Aston C of E Primary69100%50%32.6
Colley Lane Primary60764%12%27.4
Colmers Farm Junior23173%15%27.5
Colmore Junior39194%31%30.0
Colwall C of E Primary18675%25%28.5
Comberton Primary41277%20%28.5
Coney Hill Community Primary21290%28%29.3
Conway Primary47080%20%28.5
Cookley Sebright Primary23087%35%29.9
Coopers Edge12875%38%29.4
Coppice Junior27490%28%30.0
Corbett VA C of E Primary8488%50%30.8
Corngreaves Academy21090%37%30.8
Cotteridge Junior and Infant40778%26%29.2
Cottesbrooke Junior35051%10%26.4
Cotwall End Primary33390%17%29.2
Coughton C of E Primary13594%22%30.3
Cradley C of E Primary19996%25%29.6
Cradley C of E Primary11489%28%30.9
Cranham C of E Primary5270%40%30.9
Cranham Primary44870%14%27.8
Crestwood Park Primary19279%21%28.1
Crocketts Community Primary32480%40%29.9
Dawley Brook Primary25687%22%29.1
Deerhurst and Apperley C of E Primary8192%58%32.0
Devonshire Junior35881%26%28.9
Dickens Heath Community Primary44694%37%31.4
Dines Green Primary22668%6%27.2
Dingle Community Primary15881%63%30.3
Dinglewell Junior35294%38%30.8
Dorridge Junior38093%47%31.3
Dorridge Primary336
Drakes' Broughton St Barnabas C of E First and Middle31675%24%28.2
Drybrook Primary12657%0%25.9
Dudley Wood Primary45269%6%26.2
Dunalley Primary25976%10%26.7
Dunnington C of E Primary10093%53%31.6
Eastnor Parochial Primary8089%44%30.7
Eldersfield Lawn C of E Primary106100%53%31.6
Elmbridge Junior31184%28%29.1
English Martyrs' Catholic Primary41283%23%28.7
Ettington C of E Primary168100%40%31.4
Fairhaven Primary30177%33%29.2
Fairway Primary19875%25%29.1
Far Forest Lea Memorial C of E Primary13780%32%29.9
Farlow C of E Primary42SUPPSUPPSUPP
Field Court Junior31891%42%30.7
Finlay Community23385%27%29.2
Foley Park Primary and Nursery22590%3%27.6
Forestdale Primary22670%4%26.8
Fort Royal1800%0%12.6
Foundry Primary040%0%23.8
Foxyards Primary33574%23%28.0
Franche Primary74468%17%28.2
Galton Valley Primary49875%15%27.5
Gardners Lane Primary21250%13%26.1
George Dixon Primary30467%12%27.4
Gig Mill Primary54568%19%27.6
Gilbertstone Primary47183%33%29.6
Glenfall Community Primary19872%34%29.6
Gloucester Road Primary13276%18%28.1
Glynne Primary48393%33%29.7
Gorse Hill Community Primary30885%11%27.3
Gorsley Goffs Primary19785%19%28.9
Gotherington Primary21093%40%31.0
Grace Mary Primary27371%29%27.4
Grange Primary31167%9%27.3
Grangefield Primary21394%52%31.1
Great Alne Primary8472%33%29.7
Great Malvern Primary34964%10%27.1
Great Witley C of E Primary14373%23%28.5
Greatfield Park Primary20874%26%29.2
Green Meadow Primary421100%48%31.9
Greenfield Primary28192%59%31.8
Greet Primary82985%32%29.7
Grendon Junior and Infant (NC)28486%14%28.1
Greswold Primary47389%38%30.8
Grimley and Holt C of E Primary8994%19%29.4
Grove Primary22758%8%26.3
Guns Village Primary49275%8%27.6
Halesowen C of E Primary22380%20%27.3
Hall Green Junior39198%46%31.6
Hallow C of E Primary20086%21%29.8
Ham Dingle Primary37696%48%31.2
Hampton Dene Primary24681%14%27.6
Hampton Lucy C of E Primary9290%40%29.6
Hanley Swan St Gabriel's with St Mary's C of E Primary106100%60%31.5
Harborne Primary62986%49%31.0
Hardwicke Parochial Primary41591%40%30.5
Harewood Junior29895%32%30.2
Harper Bell Seventh Day Adventist19544%0%26.6
Hartlebury C of E Primary15163%25%27.1
Hartpury C of E Primary9279%29%28.4
Haslucks Green210NANANA
Hatchford Brook Junior and Infant38971%15%27.9
Hawbush Primary22765%8%26.7
Hazel Oak1260%0%12.9
Heath Mount Primary42068%3%28.8
Hempsted C of E Primary21184%22%29.8
Henley-In-Arden C of E Primary20185%46%30.2
Heron Primary41893%35%30.3
Heronswood PrimaryNEW
Heronswood Primary28473%11%28.8
Hesters Way Primary17865%24%26.9
Highfields Primary45683%24%28.3
Highley Community Primary20981%19%29.1
Highnam C of E Primary Academy19497%45%31.5
Highters Heath Community20979%10%28.4
Hillview Primary21390%27%29.9
Hob Green Primary27574%12%27.1
Hollywood Primary41572%17%27.8
Holy Apostles' C of E Primary210100%26%31.6
Holy Family Catholic Primary24269%17%27.7
Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary15494%59%33.6
Holy Souls Catholic Primary41784%30%29.6
Holy Trinity C of E Primary20390%27%29.7
Holy Trinity C of E Primary38779%2%26.8
Holywell Primary and Nursery45586%28%29.4
Hope Brook C of E Primary11471%29%29.8
Howley Grange Primary41886%24%28.9
Huntingtree Primary44176%24%28.9
Huntley C of E Primary9181%25%29.6
Hurst Green Primary41780%27%29.2
Ilmington C of E Primary10487%27%30.5
Innsworth Junior14988%33%30.3
Isbourne Valley7380%10%28.8
Ivington C of E Primary10173%9%28.0
James Watt Primary46767%6%26.7
Jesson's C of E Primary (VA)58371%11%27.8
Joseph Turner Primary40586%35%30.0
Kate's Hill Community Primary41171%7%27.3
Kempsey Primary24871%29%28.1
Kimbolton St James C of E Primary74100%67%32.3
Kineton Green Primary23973%13%27.7
King David Junior and Infant24693%21%29.6
King George V Primary22680%20%28.2
King's Caple Primary Academy39SUPPSUPPSUPP
Kings Heath Primary72384%30%29.8
Kings Norton Junior and Infant40982%16%29.6
Kingsholm C of E Primary46560%6%26.7
Kingsway Primary34357%10%26.9
Kinlet C of E Primary6291%27%29.2
Kitwell Primary and Nursery Class23889%25%29.4
Knowle C of E Primary Academy47992%48%31.9
Lady Katherine Leveson C of E Primary17083%9%28.2
Ladypool Primary47160%7%26.8
Lakeside Primary41083%30%30.4
Lakey Lane Junior and Infant41380%20%28.4
Langley Primary41575%14%27.8
Langley Primary43167%17%27.9
Lapal Primary30995%28%30.3
Lapworth C of E Primary13694%33%30.5
Lea C of E Primary9964%36%29.0
Leckhampton C of E Primary42388%45%30.8
Ledbury Primary45480%33%29.2
Leigh and Bransford Primary10687%33%29.3
Leominster Junior31984%25%28.9
Leominster PrimaryNEW
Lickey Hills Primary44187%40%30.4
Lightwoods Primary21293%37%31.1
Linden Primary42588%21%29.4
Lindridge St Lawrence's C of E Primary83SUPPSUPPSUPP
Little Dewchurch C of E Primary71100%55%32.7
Lodge Primary40759%10%25.9
Longborough C of E Primary4067%33%28.0
Longlevens Junior48386%26%29.5
Longney C of E Primary10083%33%29.1
Longwill A Primary for Deaf Children460%0%15.8
Lord Scudamore Primary63181%20%29.0
Loxley C of E Community Primary37SUPPSUPPSUPP
Lozells Junior and Infant and Nursery47880%15%27.8
Luston Primary9092%25%29.3
Lutley Primary62395%28%30.1
Lyng Primary44175%15%27.9
Lyppard Grange Primary32870%27%28.6
Madresfield C of E Primary10080%60%32.0
Maidensbridge Primary20471%29%28.8
Malvern Parish C of E Primary20993%37%30.9
Malvern Wells C of E Primary10281%13%28.4
Malvern Wyche C of E Primary14195%55%30.8
Manor Way Primary19588%13%28.9
Mappleborough Green C of E Primary12359%18%27.3
Marden Primary8792%31%29.7
Marlborough Junior35968%21%27.6
Marlbrook Primary47580%27%29.3
Martley C of E Primary14173%27%29.0
Meadowside Primary23280%33%29.6
Mickleton Primary11386%50%31.0
Milking Bank Primary48092%36%30.5
Mill Lodge Primary23583%27%29.3
Minsterworth C of E Primary36SUPPSUPPSUPP
Mitcheldean Endowed Primary199100%41%31.0
Mitton Manor Primary2080%0%NA
Moat Farm Junior47879%24%28.6
Moat Primary13338%0%24.5
Monkspath Junior and Infant66093%33%30.9
Mordiford C of E Primary15095%21%29.8
Moseley C of E Primary20688%58%31.9
Mount Pleasant Primary39293%30%30.2
Much Marcle C of E Primary8992%25%30.3
Naunton Park Primary44193%35%31.1
Nelson Junior and Infant26468%5%25.6
Nelson Mandela494100%64%32.7
Netherbrook Primary49466%29%28.2
Netherton C of E Primary34784%44%30.1
Newbold and Tredington C of E Primary6771%29%27.9
Newburgh Primary30866%22%28.6
Newfield Park Primary39788%31%29.9
Newtown Primary24578%9%28.2
Nishkam Primary Birmingham298
Nonsuch Primary20866%21%28.0
Northfield Manor Primary36372%5%27.2
Northfield Road Primary39780%15%28.3
Northleigh C of E Primary30670%16%28.5
Northwick Manor Primary61488%39%30.5
Norton C of E Primary115100%31%30.9
Nunnery Wood Primary34173%30%28.5
Oak Cottage Primary24197%60%33.1
Oak Hill C of E Primary87100%25%29.4
Oakham Primary47192%32%30.6
Oakwood Primary29975%16%29.3
Oasis Academy FoundryNEW
Offmore Primary35369%16%27.5
Old Hill Primary23090%15%28.4
Oldbury Park Primary41880%22%28.8
Oldswinford C of E Primary41689%39%30.7
Olive Hill Primary35974%17%28.5
Orleton C of E Primary17096%30%30.5
Our Lady and St Kenelm RC20793%40%31.2
Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Catholic Primary22873%30%28.5
Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary33982%23%29.5
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary21097%43%32.3
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary (NC)24994%28%29.1
Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic Primary46397%44%31.5
Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary20696%43%31.9
Our Lady's Catholic Primary, Alcester8888%29%29.7
Our Lady's RC Primary19445%7%25.9
Paganel Primary27180%17%28.2
Park Hill Primary55478%18%28.5
Parkside Middle47583%27%29.1
Pauntley C of E Primary32SUPPSUPPSUPP
Pedmore CE Primary22397%39%31.7
Pencombe C of E Primary53100%33%32.0
Pendock C of E Primary48SUPPSUPPSUPP
Percy Shurmer Academy46064%5%26.8
Perdiswell Primary41074%24%29.1
Perryfields Primary24191%22%29.4
Peter's Hill Primary80182%17%28.4
Peterbrook Primary46681%25%29.4
Picklenash Junior16073%18%28.5
Pitmaston Primary60980%19%29.2
Powick C of E Primary19983%48%30.5
Prestbury St Mary's C of E Junior24086%31%30.3
Princethorpe Junior22757%7%26.4
Priory Primary52950%5%25.8
Quarry Bank Primary37973%15%27.6
Queen Margaret Primary and Children's Centre13975%0%26.1
Quinton Church Primary21173%27%28.9
Quinton Primary12845%9%27.3
Raddlebarn Primary46376%22%28.4
Red Hall Primary36284%39%29.6
Red Hill C of E Primary20693%33%30.3
Reddal Hill Primary27478%13%28.4
Redhill Junior and Infant25262%7%25.4
Redmarley C of E Primary63100%57%32.1
Rednal Hill Junior26361%14%26.6
Regents Park Community Primary57463%15%27.2
Reynalds Cross1070%0%13.0
Ridgeway Middle42682%22%28.7
Rigby Hall Day Special112SUPPSUPPSUPP
Riverside Primary48470%9%27.6
Roberts Primary70969%19%28.0
Robin Hood Junior and Infant56788%23%29.5
Robinswood Primary42481%19%28.3
Romsley St Kenelm's C of E Primary20079%28%28.5
Rood End Primary41369%17%27.0
Rounds Green Primary45262%11%26.8
Rowanfield Junior26563%10%27.5
Rowley Hall Primary54067%10%26.7
Rufford Primary24567%27%27.5
Rushwick C of E Primary13390%33%30.5
Russells Hall Primary34069%31%28.3
Ryders Green Primary45363%13%27.1
Sacred Heart Primary13493%13%28.5
Salford Priors C of E Primary7883%25%28.8
Severne Junior Infant and Nursery44184%32%29.1
Sharmans Cross Junior35480%39%29.6
Sheepscombe Primary4188%13%28.5
Shireland Hall Primary Academy49683%14%28.5
Shirley Heath Junior35879%42%29.9
Shottery St Andrew's C of E Primary6870%40%29.0
Shurdington C of E Primary11473%7%27.2
Simon de Montfort Middle32961%18%26.8
Sledmere Primary47575%19%28.1
Snitterfield Primary9973%27%27.9
Somers Park Primary46998%46%31.7
Somerville Primary (NC)78984%24%29.1
Springbank Primary Academy30972%13%27.2
Springfield House Community Special8214%0%20.7
Springfield Primary45483%20%28.6
Springfield Primary67473%21%28.6
St Alban's Catholic Primary20890%28%29.7
St Alphege C of E Junior28190%34%31.1
St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary20997%53%32.6
St Ambrose Catholic Primary20777%17%28.8
St Andrew's Catholic Primary23483%20%28.6
St Anne's Catholic Primary20666%10%26.4
St Anne's C of E VC Primary30773%27%28.9
St Augustine's Catholic Primary24197%67%32.1
St Barnabas C of E Primary41773%20%28.1
St Bartholomew's C of E VC Primary29173%0%26.8
St Bede's Catholic Middle58870%19%28.0
St Benedict Biscop C of E (F) Primary247NANANA
St Bernadette's Catholic Primary8189%56%31.0
St Bernadette's Catholic Primary68458%12%27.6
St Bernard's Catholic Primary40396%32%31.1
St Brigid's Catholic Primary45478%33%28.9
St Catharine's Catholic Primary14285%20%29.2
St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary23483%27%29.1
St Catherine's C of E (VC) Primary40687%30%29.5
St Chad's Catholic Primary20493%30%30.5
St Chad's Catholic Primary20356%19%26.7
St Clement's C of E Primary20593%22%29.5
St Columba's Catholic Primary20292%36%30.2
St David's C of E Primary26376%21%28.1
St Dunstan's Catholic Primary37281%27%29.6
St Edmund's Catholic Primary22574%9%27.0
St Edward's Catholic Primary41390%37%30.0
St Egwin's C of E Middle33470%14%27.7
St Francis Catholic Primary40575%13%27.8
St Francis C of E Aided Primary and Nursery24773%33%29.2
St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary262100%40%30.8
St Francis Xavier's Primary21167%21%28.3
St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary25689%44%30.2
St George's Catholic Primary20581%22%30.1
St George's C of E Primary20783%17%29.6
St George's VC C of E Primary and Nursery23267%7%27.6
St Gregory's Catholic Primary24393%37%30.0
St Gregory's Catholic Primary20875%22%28.1
St Hubert's Catholic Primary21297%33%31.0
St James and Ebrington C of E Primarys20097%23%29.6
St James Catholic Primary20485%42%30.5
St James C of E Junior17460%17%28.0
St James C of E Primary, Handsworth41971%10%27.5
St James' C of E Primary34591%27%30.0
St James' C of E Primary37977%17%27.0
St James' C of E Primary20063%8%27.3
St James' C of E Primary10686%14%29.6
St James's C of E Primary37275%31%28.8
St John and Monica Catholic Primary21290%27%29.2
St John Fisher Catholic Primary20797%43%31.2
St John's C of E Middle Academy60688%32%29.9
St John's C of E Primary19181%30%29.3
St John's C of E (C) Primary8167%0%25.9
St John's C of E Primary39167%16%28.0
St John's C of E Primary48897%33%30.7
St Joseph's Catholic Primary21293%17%29.5
St Joseph's Catholic Primary15675%10%29.1
St Joseph's Catholic Primary20081%30%29.7
St Joseph's Catholic Primary26693%30%31.2
St Joseph's Catholic Primary20893%55%31.2
St Joseph's RC Primary98100%25%29.6
St Joseph's RC Primary20285%19%30.2
St Jude's Catholic Primary19087%37%30.4
St Laurence Church Junior35683%20%29.2
St Margaret's At Hasbury C of E Primary21663%27%27.8
St Margaret's C of E Primary24083%20%29.2
St Mark's C of E Junior23894%29%29.5
St Mark's C of E Primary27878%33%28.5
St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary20181%33%29.4
St Martin's C of E Primary25273%15%27.5
St Martin's Primary37267%12%27.1
St Mary's Catholic Primary20993%50%31.3
St Mary's Catholic Primary306100%63%33.0
St Mary's Catholic Primary9182%18%28.8
St Mary's Catholic Primary22891%26%30.4
St Mary's Catholic Primary19276%38%30.3
St Mary's Catholic Primary, Henley-in-Arden67SUPPSUPPSUPP
St Mary's C of E Primary26393%40%31.6
St Mary's C of E (VA) Primary20674%22%27.8
St Mary's C of E (VC) Primary17774%11%27.4
St Mary's C of E Primary13183%22%28.3
St Mary's RC Primary20086%50%30.3
St Marys C of E Primary and Nursery, Academy, Handsworth3540%0%NA
St Matthew's C of E Primary25280%10%27.5
St Matthew's C of E Primary20697%17%28.6
St Matthias C of E Primary22170%5%25.6
St Michael's C of E Aided Primary33067%22%27.4
St Michael's C of E Primary Academy, Handsworth17283%17%28.7
St Michael's C of E Primary9882%27%29.3
St Nicholas' C of E Middle31679%23%29.0
St Nicholas' C of E Primary38780%37%30.1
St Oswald's C of E Primary17167%11%26.3
St Patrick's Catholic Primary20073%12%27.3
St Patricks C of E Primary Academy243NANANA
St Paul's Catholic Primary22267%14%26.8
St Paul's C of E Primary17480%13%29.4
St Paul's C of E (C) Primary24993%13%29.4
St Peter's Catholic Primary42175%29%29.2
St Peter's Catholic Primary20676%10%27.6
St Peter's Primary22381%19%28.1
St Peters C of E Primary46482%39%29.9
St Philip's Catholic Primary24587%13%29.1
St Thomas Cantilupe C of E Primary052%7%25.9
St Thomas More Catholic Primary15386%9%28.8
St Thomas' C of E VA Primary22988%8%28.6
St Vincent's Catholic Primary25070%17%28.0
St Wulstan's Catholic Primary20094%34%29.8
Stanley Road Primary34581%27%28.3
Starbank 108187%33%30.0
Staunton and Corse C of E Primary9688%31%30.1
Stirchley Community21988%31%29.5
Stoke Prior Primary8891%9%28.9
Stottesdon C of E Primary89100%44%30.7
Stourport Primary25986%21%29.4
Stow-on-the-Wold Primary11692%8%28.4
Straits Primary33288%30%30.3
Stratford-upon-Avon Primary22194%50%31.4
Studley St Mary's AcademyNEW
Studley St Mary's C of E Junior21774%26%28.3
Suckley Primary7667%11%30.7
Summerfield Junior and Infant39069%8%26.7
Summerhill Primary60064%14%27.6
Sutton Park Community Primary22854%15%25.7
Sutton Primary11478%22%28.7
Swell C of E Primary4386%14%28.5
Tanworth-in-Arden C of E Primary24880%37%30.0
Temple Grafton C of E Primary9893%36%29.8
Temple Guiting Church of England6680%70%31.4
Temple Meadow Primary35858%11%26.8
Tenbury C of E Primary21784%16%28.1
Tenterfields Primary26779%14%28.6
Tewkesbury C of E Primary41173%19%28.2
The Brier1490%0%12.9
The Bromley-Pensnett Primary27068%14%28.4
The Catholic of Saint Gregory the Great40881%25%29.5
The C of E of St Edmund and St John27349%8%25.7
The Croft Primary13285%65%31.7
The Dame Ellen Pinsent1230%0%13.6
The De Montfort695
The Fairfield Community Primary2128%0%21.3
The Ferncumbe C of E Primary14288%29%29.8
The John Moore Primary21090%35%30.6
The KingfisherNEW
The Meadows Primary46876%16%27.9
The Milestone3090%0%12.6
The Oaklands Primary26586%10%28.3
The Oaks Primary25079%10%27.7
The Old Park1210%0%12.0
The Oratory RC Primary23176%21%28.3
The Orchard1400%0%12.2
The Orchards Primary Academy22479%32%28.7
The Ridge Academy390%0%18.5
The Ridge Primary20581%27%29.1
The Westminster137SUPPSUPPSUPP
The Willows C of E Primary38882%26%29.0
The Woodsetton920%0%13.4
Thomas Jolyffe Primary36074%23%28.9
Thorns Primary19379%25%28.8
Tibberton Community Primary101100%37%30.6
Tidbury Green23070%17%27.8
Timbertree Academy200100%23%30.5
Tipton Green Junior34971%15%27.3
Tirlebrook Primary20074%22%28.6
Tividale Community Primary49585%32%30.4
Tividale Hall Primary46360%15%28.1
Tredington Community Primary71100%36%30.8
Tredworth Junior26188%29%30.3
Trinity Primary56765%14%27.6
Tuffley Primary19856%6%25.7
Turves Green Primary39572%18%27.7
Uplands Manor Primary83375%18%28.2
Upper Arley C of E VC Primary7183%50%29.6
Upton St Leonards C of E Primary40883%24%29.0
Upton-upon-Severn C of E Primary17056%15%27.5
Vale of Evesham1700%0%13.0
Valley Primary224
Walford Primary19487%27%30.3
Walkwood C of E Middle61077%18%28.4
Walmore Hill Primary3750%0%26.1
Warden Hill Primary41992%28%30.5
Warndon Primary063%8%26.2
Water Mill Primary19081%30%28.6
Wattville Primary45868%13%27.3
Welcombe Hills1660%0%13.1
Welford Primary48181%15%28.4
Welford-on-Avon Primary25294%56%31.8
Welland Primary13288%24%29.5
Wellesbourne C of E Primary30885%31%30.3
Wellington Primary8667%5%26.3
Welsh House Farm Community and Special Needs Resources Base23386%27%28.5
West Heath Primary36959%14%26.2
Westacre Middle38770%13%27.7
Westbury-on-Severn C of E Primary7885%15%28.2
Westfield Primary43080%41%29.6
Weston-under-Penyard C of E Primary4588%25%29.8
Wheelers Lane Primary67890%40%30.5
Whittington C of E Primary20787%20%30.3
Widden Primary39140%8%25.1
Widney Junior20790%42%29.9
Wilden All Saints C of E Primary188100%39%31.3
Wilkes Green Junior35978%17%29.2
Willersey C of E Primary4967%0%25.2
Wilmcote C of E () Primary7779%36%29.7
Winchcombe Abbey C of E Primary20781%16%28.3
Withington C of E Primary23SUPPSUPPSUPP
Withington Primary6350%0%25.1
Withymoor Primary39983%20%28.7
Witton Middle43280%26%29.0
Wollescote Primary44169%21%28.0
Wolverley Sebright VA Primary10995%11%29.2
Wolverton Primary98100%40%32.2
Woodcock Hill Primary20678%30%28.9
Woodgate Primary36283%14%29.0
Woodside Community and Children's Centre34050%5%25.2
Woodthorpe Junior and Infant21087%27%29.7
Wootton Wawen C of E Primary15089%47%30.8
World's End Junior23880%28%29.5
Wrens Nest Primary & Children's Centre48968%7%27.7
Wychall Primary41866%15%27.3
Wyndcliffe Primary74875%18%27.9
Wyndcliffe PrimaryNEW
Wyre Forest2110%0%13.9
Wythall, Meadow Green Primary32876%27%28.5
Yardley Primary72378%18%28.5
Yardley Wood Community Primary26490%14%28.4
Yew Tree Primary20279%29%28.9
Yorkmead Junior and Infant46475%15%28.1


  • Pupils: pupils eligibile for Key Stage 2 assessment - this number includes pupils absent or unable to access the tests
  • Level 4: percentage of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths. Most 11 year olds are expected to achieve at least Level 4 by the end of KS2
  • Level 5: percentage of pupils achieving Level 5 or above in reading, writing and maths - this is above the expected level for most pupils

Includes data supplied by Department for Education 2010-14

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