THE name’s Bond, brilliant Bond.

More than 400 people attended a special premiere screening of the new James Bond film, Skyfall, at Worcester’s Odeon cinema last night, and from the chattering as we left the cinema many thought it lived up to the hype.

The film, which is released in cinema’s across the UK today, marks the 50th anniversary of Britain’s favourite spy, but contains enough twists and turns to keep even the Bond-averse entertained.

I thought it was brilliant.

Skyfall is unlike any Bond film before it, but contains enough references to the franchise’s golden age to appease its superfans.

The cast was superb. Daniel Craig is certainly making his mark but the film was stolen by Javier Bardem’s wonderfully camp, but equally sinister, Silva.

What Sam Mendes has achieved with Skyfall is to bring Bond smack bang into the 21st century while taking it right back to its core.

My colleague Sarah Davies said: “I think Skyfall has ensured the future longevity of the super spy.

"It still had everything you would expect in a Bond film – the girls, the cars, the gadgets – but presented in a new way.

"What I loved about it was that while it was different to any of the Bond films that have gone before, it did not ignore some of the things at the very core of the Bond franchise. I can’t wait for the next instalment.”

Free Radio presenter Hursty thought the film had something for Bond fans and film fans.

He said: “I really loved the ending. I didn’t see it coming.

“It’s lived up to the hype. To the Bond fan it makes some really clever references because it’s the 50th anniversary.

“It makes the Bond fans smile, and the film fans smile.”

Deb Haffner, from Worcester, said: “I thought it was great, I really enjoyed it.

“I didn’t see the twist coming, I didn’t think that would happen. It was very good.”

But she said: “I’m not sure it’s the best Bond. I loved Casino Royale, I’m definitely a Daniel Craig fan.”

  • Liz: 10/10
  • Sarah: Two thumbs up