HELP has been offered to families who are due to retrieve their treasured possessions from a failed Worcester storage company.

As reported in the Worcester News this week, the doors to Guardian Self Storage, Sherriff Street Industrial Estate, which have been locked to customers for about four weeks, opened at 10am today.

Customers have been trying to get their belongings back for weeks with many having cherished possessions locked up at the site, including photographs, furniture, vital household items and even an army training kit.

Guardian Self Storage, which opened in 2000, has gone into voluntary liquidation and a message on its website tells customers to contact the landlord to retrieve their belongings.

Meanwhile, Simon Atkins, of Green Self Storage, Hylton Road, said his business would be happy to provide transport for people if they needed it and had space for items to be stored on his site.

“We heard this was going down the pan about a month ago,” he said.

“We managed to get 10 people to get their stuff out of the container and give them storage here. We want to offer people help or transport. We know it’s a very stressful time moving. Whatever we can do to help we will.”

A family-of-five and a Worcester soldier are among the people who have some of their possessions stored at the site.

“If you’ve got a storage site you’ve effectively got people’s lives in there,” Mr Atkins said.

“You are being a custodian to their history. The last thing I want to see is people questioning the safety of putting stuff into storage.”

For help or more information, call Green Self Storage on 01905 423330.