OUTDOOR cafés, bistros, spaces to dine in and three open courtyards are being planned for a £10 million cultural quarter in Worcester.

The philanthropist behind an overhaul of the old Royal Worcester Porcelain site has spoken exclusively to the Worcester News and revealed more details of the exciting project.

Colin Kinnear who founded gas supplies firm CryoService and lives in Worcester, says he wants to “create a continental feel” in that part of the city.

The 76-year-old said Worcester was “a marvellous place” but insisted that the plan will “help the city sell itself more”.

Under the proposals the old works off Severn Street will be retained, with the factory expected to be converted into a concert and theatre venue as well as exhibition space.

Three open courtyards would then be used for outdoor attractions all year round, including a farmers’ market similar to the one in Gloucester city centre.

A range of bistros, cafés and outdoor dining areas will be created, rivalling the likes of Cheltenham, while pavement artists will be also be encouraged to set up.

There is also the possibility that the Portmeirion Group, which owns the Royal Worcester Porcelain brand, could open up a new shop inside the development to sell souvenirs.

As the Worcester News reported on Friday, KKE architects, based in Diglis Basin, is working on a feasibility study on the project. Mr Kinnear said: “This is a major site and we want to enhance the glories of what has been a key part of Worcester.

“Worcester is a marvellous place but I believe it doesn’t always sell itself as it might, and this will help the city sell itself more. I’m very passionate about it. The prospects for the project are very good.

“We want to base it on the continent where there are lots of places to sit outside. I can see pavement cafés, bistros, maybe even an open-air theatre, and attractions like artists and a farmers’ market so people want to go outside.

“We are not intending to knock down the existing buildings, as these are sacrosanct, but we do believe we can enhance the glories of the site’s past and use music and art to create a wonderful place.”

A planning application is expected to be submitted to the city council in January.