LABOUR candidate Simon Murphy has been eliminated after the first round of counting in the election of West Mercia's first police and crime commissioner (PCC).

Dr Murphy, who earlier emerged as the most popular choice with voters in Worcester, polled 25.7 per cent of the initial vote.

Independent Bill Longmore , with 37.8 per cent of the vote and Conservative candidate Adrian Blackshaw, with 36.5 per cent, go through to the second round.

Under the supplementary voting system Dr Murphy’s voters’ second choices are now being taken into account.

Turnout across the West Mercia force area was 14.54 per cent, marginally higher than Worcester’s 14.38 per cent.

The new commissioner will be responsible for setting West Mercia Police's budget, policing priorities and hiring or firing the chief constable, although the force will retain operational independence so decisions about investigations cannot be influenced by politics.