Bridge Street


WR10 1AJ

I HAVE eaten at Belle House for the purpose of family gatherings on a number of occasions over the years and I have always found it interesting to see the differing views my parents took on the impressively presented fare served up by the Pershore restaurant.

My mother loves the attention to detail; the skill and craft which so obviously goes into every dish created in the kitchen.

My father, on the other hand, has always said that the servings weren’t big enough for his taste and, mainly in jest, that he may need another meal later on.

So I was looking forward to grasping the opportunity to renew acquaintances with what is considered by many to be the finest place to eat in Pershore.

The Bridge Street location is just right for Belle House and as you enter the nicely furnished building there is a popular traiteur on the right which is regularly used by the town’s resident gourmands.

Walking past the well-stocked bar, my guest and I were seated upstairs.

The staff were friendly and at first seemed to be competing over who could serve us our drinks and complementary breads, which I dived into despite being told on numerous occasions not to fill up on the freshly-cooked goodies before a meal.

There was a lengthy discussion over who would get the scallops as a starter as they were a clear favourite.

I eventually managed to secure them and my dining partner went for a chicken terrine which was delightfully presented and I’m assured, delicious. The scallops with bacon didn’t disappoint. My partner enjoyed a duck breast for mains, which was again to her liking, coming with a generous selection of mixed vegetables.

I plumped for the roast lamb, which was not so generous, but cooked rare it tasted excellent.

In no time, we were all set for dessert. A fine array of choices for those with a sweet tooth awaited and after dismissing what sounded like the most fattening sweet of all time – doughnuts filled with all manner of treats – I chose the chocolate and orange terrine which was just the right size and wasn’t too rich.

My guest avoided the dessert menu and simply went for a coffee to complete her meal.

One thing that stood out was the excellent service provided by our smiling waitress. She was friendly, attentive, helpful and nothing seemed too much trouble. That was a real plus and showed that the restaurant trains its staff well and insists on the highest of standards.

It was a pleasure to eat at Belle House, the chef clearly has a flair for presentation and it is hard not to be impressed visually by the creations brought along to the table.

Does size matter? The portions would not be described as hugely generous but it all depends on what you go out for a meal for and personal preference.

Costing a smidge under £80 it’s not cheap either, but as a dining experience it is impressive.

I am sure the debate will go on between my parents but I would have no hesitation in backing-up those who see Belle House as the premiere restaurant in town for lovers of fine food.


Food 4

Ambience 3

Value for Money 3

Service 4