A Worcester woman who invited a fellow drinker back to her house after a night out in the city claimed that she was forced to have sex without her consent.

But the man accused of attacking her, 25-year-old apprentice engineer Simon Walters-Melville, told police that she had agreed to have intercourse.

Walters-Melville, of Winslow View, Winslow, Bromyard, and formerly of Worcester, denies rape in the early hours of March 11 last year.

Prosecutor Samantha Forsyth told Worcester Crown Court that they had met after the woman, also 25, had been celebrating with friends at the Postal Order and Bushwackers nightclub in Worcester before finishing up at Shakeeys fast-food restaurant.

It was there that she began talking to Walters-Melville and they agreed to share a taxi, because they lived not far from each other.

When they went into her house, they shared a bottle of wine and the next thing she remembered was being on the floor of her living room with Walters-Melville on top of her having sex.

Miss Forsyth said she had been forced so she ran upstairs and locked herself in a small room.

She telephoned a friend in a distressed state and then her mother, who called the police.

Walters-Melville was still at the house and insisted she had consented to have sex.

But, said Miss Forsyth, she had injuries to her arms and legs which demonstrated she had been held down.

She also had internal injuries consistent with forced intercourse. The buttons had been ripped off her blouse and her underwear had also been ripped.

A test showed that she was well over the drink-drive limit.

Police found Walters-Melville’s shirt, which bore a bloodstain.

Simon Burns, defending, suggested to the woman that she got carried away when Walters-Melville became affectionate and this resulted in kissing.

She replied: “I doubt it very much. I have no memory of that.”

She denied that she had been flirting or showed him a mark on her leg. She also denied straddling him on the settee when she was under the influence of drink.

Asked why she didn’t say “no” when he asked for sex, she replied that he was an extremely large man who had taken advantage of her.

None of her friends would have done that and she was unsure what was going to happen.

She rejected a suggestions that “passion and drink” had taken over in place of judgement and she had responded. “I wasn’t enjoying it,” she said.

The trial continues.