I DON’T think a single British person can hand on heart say that they truly understand the whole fascination with the Superbowl.

Piers Morgan described it this week as the biggest sporting weekend in the American calendar, but it wasn’t the actual game that I was watching on YouTube the following morning.

Have you guessed it, yet?

Of course, I was watching Beyonce’s long-awaited return to the stage in the form of a half-time performance.

I’m one of many big Beyonce fans (Michelle Obama declared if she could be anyone for the day, it would be her), I think she’s one of the most talented, inspirational women in the media, so after recent criticism of her I feel compelled to defend her.

And here comes my rant. Beyonce’s tour is entitled The Mrs Carter World Tour. She is married to Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter. So what? I hear you cry.

Well according to the Guardian and other articles, this re-branding of one of the world’s biggest pop stars is demeaning to her female fans.

One online blog’s headline reads: Beyonce’s Mrs Carter world tour: What happened to independent women?

I’m sorry, but if Beyonce wants to call herself by her correct title, then why shouldn’t she?

What sort of example do blogs such as this think Beyonce using her married name will set? Surely a woman, who had previously known huge international success mononymously, should be able to choose how to brand herself in the future.

Beyonce is an established performer, actress, business woman and fashion designer worth about $300 million, and you’re telling me that she’s not an independent woman?

In fact, I think the media should look to fellow celebrity Rihanna, who has now publically declared she is back with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown who infamously beat her up in 2009.

Named as one of the most influential woman of 2012, I would also now view Rihanna as one of the most dangerous people of my age.

Surely the greatest sign of independence should be classed as freedom of speech and will, and in choosing to perform under her true title of Mrs Carter for one of her tours Beyonce is demonstrating to young girls around the world that they can be whatever they want to be, and be defined exactly as they so choose.