Back To Blackbrick by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald is published in hardback by Orion, priced £9.99 (ebook £5.99). Available now.

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald is a professor specialising in psychology and this is her first work of fiction, having had several non-fiction books published already. It is aimed at the teenage market, but is a captivating and enchanting read for all ages.

Back To Blackbrick tells the tale of Cosmo, a young boy who lives with his grandparents.

The story begins as Cosmo realises all is not well with his grandfather's memory. One day his grandfather hands him a key and urges Cosmo to go to Blackbrick Abbey.

Cosmo's grandfather claims he will find the answers he is looking for through the South Gate of the Abbey. Cosmo thinks his grandfather has finally gone mad, but gradually the lure of Blackbrick reels him in.

This is a fantastic debut novel for Moore Fitzgerald, with the reader being drawn very quickly into the story and hooked from the start.

It is at times tragic, but also heart-warming and beautifully written. Go along for the ride and discover the mystery of Blackbrick Abbey for yourself.


(Review by Rachael Dunn)