A POLISH national who caused ongoing crime and disorder in Worcester has been removed from the city.

Unemployed Piotr Kij, aged 37, of no fixed abode, was subject to removal action by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) following a request by West Mercia Police.

Since arriving in Worcester in 2010, Kij mostly slept rough and was involved in many violent and disorder incidents as well as thefts and using threatening words and behaviour.

He was arrested 34 times and convicted of 28 offences.

Kij was served with papers by UKBA officers as an immigration offender notifying him he faced enforced removal, which led to him leaving voluntarily last week.

Under legislation enacted in 2006, European nationals living in other European Economic Area countries who are not working and unable to support themselves can be deported.

Kij was informed by UKBA that he was failing to fulfil his treaty rights.

Sergeant Carl Jones of the Cathedral Local Policing Team, which covers Worcester city centre, said: “Since arriving in Worcester, Kij has been consistently violent and offensive, usually when drunk, to the extent he was considered one of our priority offenders in South Worcestershire.

“This man is not typical of the Polish community in Worcester and his behaviour was damaging the reputation of our eastern European communities. I know that people in the local Polish community are pleased to see him gone.

“His removal will also protect from harm many homeless people, who are a vulnerable group.”

As previously reported in your Worcester News, Piotr Ziobro, who caused two years of crime and disorder in Worcester, was deported back to Poland by West Mercia Police and the UK Border Agency last year.

The 23-year-old, a rough sleeper with no fixed address, had been arrested 21 times and convicted of more than 30 offences relating to violence and disorder incidents, thefts and using threatening words and behaviour since arriving in Worcester in late 2009.